Synoptic Situation at 0600 18/12/1962           next day  

High, 1036mb, Azores, stationary.  Low 970mb, just off W Iceland beginning
to fill.  Occlusion from this low extends SE to far NE of Scotland and then
S through the N. Sea to the Low Countries and S through France.  New low
forming on the front in the N.Sea, just E of Scotland.  High, 1012mb,
Scandinavia, stationary.

Weather over the British Isles:

An occlusion over E Ireland moved steadily E during the period, bringing
rain to most places, though amounts were small:  Stornoway 9mm, Eskdalemuir
and Prestwick 4mm, Bristol 2mm and Gatwick 1mm.  Any sun was confined to E
and SE areas: Spurn Head 2.8 hrs, Watnall 1.2 hrs and Gatwick 5.3 hrs.

Maxima were around 4C in E counties, 6-7C in Midland areas, 9-11c in the SW
and Ireland but lower in parts of S and E Scotland: Eskdalemuir and Dyce 2C,
where light snow fell during the day.  Glasgow, 7C and the W were warmer:
Tiree and Benbecula 9C, but colder in the far N: Wick 3C and Lerwick 2C.

Minima:  Gatwick 3C, Guernsey 8C, Cardington 4C, Cardiff 4C, Birmingham 4C,
Manchester 5C, Watnall 3C, Newcastle 3C, Glasgow 5C, Dyce 2C, Eskdalemuir
0C, Wick 1C, Lerwick 0C, Belfast and Tiree 3C, Valentia 8C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Bitterly cold in the far N:  Oslo -10C, Stockholm -7C, Helsinki -16C,
Leningrad -11C and Riga -7C.  The far N of Scandinavia saw values in
range -15 to -33C.  Moscow -10C, Minsk -1C, Berlin 1C, Prague 3C, Munich 1C,
Zagreb 8C, Venice 6C, Nimes 9C, Madrid 14C, Bordeaux 7C, Paris 6C and
Brussels 4C.  Most places were cloudy  with a little snow in the far E and S
Germany.  Iceland around 0C in a strong SE wind.

Minima:  Again bitterly cold in the N:  Oslo -6C, Stockholm -14C,
Helsinki  -21C and as low as -39 in the N.  Elsewhere:  Berlin 0C,
Zagreb -2C,  Munich -1C, Brussels 4C, Madrid 9C and Nimes 2C. Behind the
occlusion:  Paris 6C,  Brest 8C and Bordeaux 9C. Iceland 1 to 2C.


Sunny intervals in most places with light showers in the W and of snow over
high ground.  Local frost overnight in the E.  Cloud and rain spreading into
the NW towards midday.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:  Verkhoiansk -42C, Jarjan -48C, Cambridge
Bay -32C, Chesterfield -34C, Fort Harrison-18C, Ottawa -7C, Toronto -3C, New
York -4C, Pensacola 3C, Dodge City 3C, Regina -4C, Fort Smith -13C,
Fairbanks -19C and Vancouver 7C.