Synoptic Situation at 0600 18/02/1963          next day

Ridge over the Br.Isles has been slow moving but will later weaken as a
trough advances towards the SW.  A deep depression will be slow moving just
S of Greenland, but another is expected to move E towards the NW of France
with SE winds picking up over the Br.Isles.  Pressure remains relatively low
over central Europe and the Mediterranean, but high over  N Scandinavia,
1012 mb.

Weather over the British Isles:

Variable amounts of cloud with most sun in the NW - Glasgow 8.2 hrs, Tiree
8.9 hrs, Belfast 7.7 hrs but much cloudier in the far S and SW.  Light snow
showers fell in many places but further accumulations were small.

Maxima:  Gatwick 2C, Guernsey 2C, Plymouth 3C, Culdrose 2C, Scilly 3C,
Cardiff 1C, Birmingham 2C, Watnall 2C, Manchester 2C, Newcastle 4C, Dyce 1C,
Eskdalemuir 2C, Glasgow 4C, Wick 5C, Lerwick 3C, Tiree 5C, Belfast 4C, Birr
4C and Valentia 4C.

Minima:  Gatwick -5C, Guernsey 0C, Plymouth -1C, Culdrose 0C, Scilly 2C,
Cardiff -6C, Ross-on-Wye -8C (-13), Birmingham -2C, Watnall -2C,
Manchester -5C, Newcastle -2C, Dyce -2C, Eskdalemuir -4C, Glasgow -7C,
Wick -2C, Lerwick -1C, Tiree -4C, Belfast -6C, Birr -3C and Valentia 1C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

With low pressure dominant, snow fell in many places, particularly Finland,
parts of the Balkans, and E France and Germany.  Skies were clear over N

Maxima:  Oslo -8C, Stockholm -8C, Helsinki -5C, Copenhagen -2C and -30C in
the far N of Sweden.  Murmansk -15C, Moscow -10C, Minsk -6C, Warsaw -4C,
Belgrade 2C, Berlin 0C, Paris 0C, Brussels -2C, Brest 2C, Bordeaux 9C,
Madrid 10C, Nimes 6C, Venice 2C and Rome 13C.

Minima:  One of the coldest nights of the winter over much of Scandinavia -
N Norway -39C, Stockholm -16C, Helsinki -17C, Tromso -8C, Minsk -7C,
Warsaw -5C, Belgrade 4C, Berlin -1C, Paris -3C, Brussels -6C, Brest 0C,
Bordeaux 6C, Madrid 4C, Nice 4C, Venice -1C and Rome 6C.

Forecast:  In the NW there will be sunny periods and a few snow showers.  E
districts will have variable cloud with some snow at times, especially over
East Anglia.  Sunny periods at first in the SW but cloud will increase with
sleet or snow later, extending NE.

Outlook:  Cold with snow at times especially in the SW.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Oimyakon -45C, Verkhoiansk -18C, S Spitzbergen -26C, Jan Mayen -11C, SE
Greenland +1 to +3C, Thule -25C, Chesterfield -38C, Goose -26C, Gander -9C,
Montreal -20C, Boston -12C, New York -8C, Augusta -3C, Pensacola -2C, Dodge
City -4C, Regina -12C, Fort Smith -35C, Calgary -8C, Fairbanks -13C and
Vancouver 7C.