Synoptic Situation at 0600 18/01/1963       next day

High, 1040mb, Scotland maintains strong ridge through Scandinavia to N
Russia with strong E winds blowing over much of south central and W countries.
Low, 1028mb, N Germany linked to trough moving SW towards E GB.  Low, 980mb,
W coast of Portugal is moving slowly E.  Warm front, Balearics to Balkans is
moving N.  W winds are blowing across N Scandinavia and N Russia.

Weather over the British Isles:

Mostly dry and clear in all areas, with a few snow showers, mostly in the E
and Midlands.  Birmingham and Aberporth were the sunniest with 7.4 hrs
followed by Belmullet 7.0 hrs, Valley 7.0 hrs, Glasgow 6.8 hrs and Wick 5.5
hrs.  The east wind strengthened in the far south late in the period.

Maxima:  Gatwick -2C, Guernsey 1C, Plymouth 0C, Cardiff -2C, Birmingham -3C,
Watnall -3C, Manchester 1C, Newcastle 2C, Dyce -5C, Eskdalemuir -2C, Glasgow
0C, Wick -1C, Lerwick 1C, Tiree 1C, Belfast 1C, Birr 0C and Valentia 2C.

Minima:  Gatwick -7C, Plymouth -5C, Guernsey -4C, Culdrose -5C, Scilly -3C,
Cardiff -7C, Birmingham -10C (-15), Watnall -9C, Manchester -5C, Newcastle
1C, Dyce -12C, Eskdalemuir -7C, Glasgow -8C, Wick -9C, Lerwick 0C,
Tiree -5C, Belfast -6C, Birr -4C and Valentia -2C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Some rain fell on the N and W coast of Norway and parts of Spain, snow in W
parts of Russia but most other places were dry with clear skies in many

Maxima:  Oslo -13C, Stockholm -13C, Helsinki -16C, Moscow -21C, Minsk -22C,
Warsaw -22C, Belgrade -12C, Berlin -5C, Paris -5C, Brussels -7C, Brest -2C,
Bordeaux -1C, Madrid 7C, Nimes 7C, Venice -2C and Rome 6C.

Minima:  Coastal Norway +3 to +5C, Oslo -7C, Stockholm -15C, Helsinki -15C,
Minsk -27C, Warsaw -11C, Belgrade -13C, Berlin -10C, Paris -9C,
Brussels -15C, Brest -4C, Bordeaux 0C, Madrid 6C, Nimes 3C, Venice -7C and
Rome 2C.

Forecast:  Unbroken frost in most places, severe by day and very severe at
night.  Snow is expected in central and E areas of England and E Scotland,
with heavy drifting.  E winds will reach gale force in the S, especially the
Channel coast.

Some other 1200 GMT Temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -48C, Olenek -54C, Murmansk -10C, Tromso 4C, Iceland 1 to 5C,
Chesterfield -38C, Goose -32C, Gander -12C, Boston -4C, Chicago -16C,
Montreal -13C, New York -1C, Augusta 0C, Pensacola -1C, Dodge City -13C,
Calgary -11C, Regina -18C, Fort Smith -35C, Fairbanks -4C and Vancouver 2C.