Synoptic Situation at 0600 19/12/1962   First real signs of things to come!  next day

Low, 968mb, 400 miles W of Iceland, moving into the Denmark Straight, with a
secondary moving quickly to the NW of the British Isles.  High, 1034mb,
Azores, stationary.  Ridge just W of Br.Isles moving quickly E.  High,
1020mb, N Scandinavia, intensifying.  New high, Baltic, gradually
strengthening.  Weak front lies Low countries to SE Europe with small low on
it, near Denmark.

Weather over the British Isles:

Light showers affected most areas during the day and into the night in the W
and N.  Most places were bright or sunny:  Gatwick 4.9 hrs, Guernsey 3.1
hrs, Cardiff 3.2 hrs, Birmingham 4.3 hrs, Manchester 0.3 hrs, Newcastle 1.7
hrs, Glasgow 2.1 hrs, Dyce 0.3 hrs and Wick 2.0 hrs.  Rainfall amounts were
mostly small:  Wick 3mm, Tiree 4mm, Glasgow 5mm, Manchester 7mm, Birmingham
1mm, Cardiff trace, Belfast 2mm and Valentia trace.  Some showers were
wintry in the N.

Maxima: Gatwick 9C, Cardiff 8C, Birmingham 7C, Watnall 6C, Manchester 7C,
Newcastle 5C, Glasgow 6C, Dyce 4C, Tiree 6C, Wick 4C, Stornoway 4C, Belfast
7C and Valentia 9C.

Minima held up during the night as the NW airflow persisted:  Gatwick 3C,
Cardington 1C, Birmingham 1C, Manchester 1C, Watnall 0C, Newcastle 1C,
Glasgow 1C, Dyce 1C, Wick 1C, Stornoway 2C, Tiree 2C, Belfast 2C, Birr 2C,
Belmullet 4C and Valentia 7C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Light snow fell over parts of Germany and N Poland.  Fog persisted in many
SE areas and other places were cloudy except in the N.
Moscow -16C, Minsk -5C, Warsaw -3C,  Belgrade 7C, Venice 6C, Munich -1C,
Prague 1C, Berlin -4C, Cologne -2C and behind the front: Paris 8C, Brussels
6C, Brest 6C, Bordeaux 11C, Nimes 10C and Madrid 13C.  The lowest values
were again in the N: Oslo and Stockholm -11C, Helsinki -19C, Leningrad -14C,
Murmansk -14C and typically -20 to -38C in the N of Scandinavia.  Iceland 1
to 5C.

Minima followed the daytime pattern: Berlin -4C, Warsaw -5C, Zagreb -2C,
Venice -3C, Cologne 2C (now behind front), Paris 2C, Brussels 5C, Bordeaux
8C, Nimes 5C and Madrid 3C.  Coastal Scandinavia was 2C in the S and -5
to -10C in the N.  Inland areas were typically -15 in the S, down to -35
to -40C in the N.  Stockholm -10C and Helsinki -19C.  Iceland 2 to 3C in the
W, and 0 to -2 in the E.


Showers continuing in the W and N but central and E areas will have sunny
periods today and clear periods tonight.  Overnight, cloud and rain will
spread to most N and W districts accompanied by S gales.

Temperatures elsewhere at 1200 GMT:

Verkhoiansk -36C, Seimtchan -45C, Archangel -20C, Baker Lake -37C,
Chesterfield -34C, Goose -28C,
Gander -6C, Toronto 0C, Ottawa -4C, Chicago 3C, New York 3C, Pensacola 7C,
Kansa City 2C, Fort Worth 11C, Regina -4C, Fort Smith -30C, Calgary -6C,
Fairbanks -21C and Vancouver 6C.

P.S. Temperatures quoted for "rest of Europe" are the 1200 and 0600 GMT
values, not strictly max or min!