Synoptic Situation at 0600 01/12/1962                next day

High, 1040mb, centred N.Germany with strong ridge across southern
Scandinavia: Low, 996mb, 200 miles NE of Iceland moving slowly east with
associated warm front approaching Norway: Atlantic low, 992mb, just west of
Azores, stationary: Low Mediterranean, 1016mb,  moving slowly SE.  Weak
front through the Hebrides down the Irish Sea into France and into SE

Weather over British Isles:

Calm in most eastern areas with a light southerly breeze in the west.
Mostly cloudy, with sunshine confined. to NE England and S Scotland - 6.6
hours at Dishforth and Leuchars, 6.2hrs at Eskdalemuir.  Some very light
rain or drizzle in a few NW areas, Wales and Ireland.  Fog developed widely
overnight in eastern and central parts of England and SE Scotland.

Maximum temperatures ranged from 5C in Lerwick to 6C in southern Scotland
and 8-9C in other areas.  The warmest was Valentia, 11C.

Minimum temperatures fell below zero in inland areas of south and central
England as skies cleared - Mildenhall -4C, Elmdon -3C with similar figures
in NE England and SE Scotland, Leuchars -5C, Dishforth -3C.  More western
and northern areas stayed well above zero, Valentia 9C,  Aldergrove(Belfast)
and Cardiff 5C, Wick 3C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Winds light or calm in the west and Scandinavia, with a light northerly over
eastern Europe.  Rain/snow was confined to a line along the front moving
south through central and eastern Europe.

Maximum temperatures were below zero over inland areas of Scandinavia,
Oslo -5C, Stockholm -3C, Helsinki -4C.  Along the cloudy frontal zone
temperatures were 5-7C in the west, including the Low Countries, and 0-1C in
the east, Moscow 0C.  South of the front temperatures were in the range 1
to -2C over a large area, Poland, Germany and eastern France.

Minimum temperatures,  -12C in southern Scandinavia, 0 to -3C north of the
front - Denmark, much of Germany and Poland and the Baltic States.  South of
the front minima were at or just below zero, Nimes -2C, Bordeaux -1C,
Madrid -3C.

Forecast for tomorrow:

Dry with some cloud in the west and north.  Sun by day in the east, but with
slight frost and fog developing in these areas overnight.

Some other 1200GMT  temperatures:

Seimtchan (Sib) -42C,  Murmansk -6C, SW Greenland -6C, Chesterfield -12C,
Goose 2C, Gander -2C, Toronto -2C, Pensacola 12C, Dodge City 3C, Regina -3C,
Calgary -3C, Fairbanks -32C and Vancouver 4C

Mike Tullett