Synoptic Situation at 0600 01/03/1963         next day

High, 1040 mb, over E Europe is stationary and the Atlantic is dominated by
intense low pressure systems.  Yet another front is approaching Ireland but
is expected to weaken.  Mild air is moving quickly E over N Scandinavia and
into NW Russia.

Weather over the British Isles:

Dry everywhere and cloudfree in all places, except the far W of Ireland and
parts of N and W Scotland.  Sunniest was Gatwick with 10.3 hrs but most
stations exceeded 7 hrs.  Snow cover was still being reported at most inland
stations in the S, E and Midlands.

Maxima:  Gatwick 8C, Guernsey 7C, Plymouth 7C, Culdrose 7C, Cardiff 6C,
Birmingham 5C, Watnall 5C, Manchester 8C, Newcastle 3C, Dyce 4C, Eskdalemuir
6C, Glasgow 8C, Wick 5C, Lerwick 6C, Tiree 6C, Belfast 6C, Birr 7C and
Valentia 11C

Minima:  Gatwick -5C (-11), Guernsey 1C, Plymouth 1C, Culdrose 2C,
Cardiff -2C, Birmingham -7C (-12), Watnall -6C, Manchester -3C,
Newcastle -3C, Dyce 0C, Eskdalemuir -6C, Glasgow -1C, Wick 2C, Lerwick 4C,
Tiree 3C, Belfast 0C, Birr 2C and Valentia 8C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Dry and clear in nearly all places except the far SE, N Scandinavia and NW

Maxima:  W Norway +6C, N Norway +1C, Oslo -12C, Copenhagen -3C, Stockholm
0C, Helsinki -1C, Moscow -10C, Minsk -8C, Warsaw -8C, Belgrade -7C,
Berlin -2C, Paris 3C, Brussels 4C, Brest 11C, Bordeaux 10C, Madrid 9C, Nimes
9C, Venice 0C and Rome 7C.

Minima:  N and W Norway +1 to +5C, Oslo -20C, Copenhagen -3C,
Stockholm -10C, Minsk -15C, Warsaw -23C, Berlin -10C, Hanover -15C,
Belgrade -12C, Paris -4C, Brussels -7C, Brest 4C, Bordeaux 3C, Madrid 5C,
Nimes 3C, Venice -7C and Rome -4C.

Forecast:  Dry and clear in all parts.  Winds between E and S will be strong
at times in exposed W areas, where frost will be limited tonight.  Elsewhere
frost will be moderate to severe but day temperatures will be similar to
yesterday.  Outlook:  No change

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -30C, Murmansk -2C, Iceland +6 to +9C, Thule -27C, Eureka -45C,
Chesterfield -32C, Goose -28C, Gander -14C, Montreal -12C, Boston -8C, New
York -3C, Pensacola -2C, Chicago -4C, Dodge City -1C, Regina -6C, Calgary
2C, Fort Smith -13C, Fairbanks -17C and Vancouver 6C.