Synoptic Situation at 0600 20/12/1962                  next day

High, 1028mb, just SE of Azores declining a little.  Major Low, 950mb, off S
Greenland with secondary, 964mb, over Iceland.  Fronts extend from this low
to NW Scotland with a warm front lying down the Irish Sea and a cold front
coming into W Ireland.  High 1028mb, centred S Finland is intensifying and
extends its influence over a large part of Europe except the far W and S.
Low 994mb, S Italy has deepened.

Weather over the British Isles:

The day was influenced by a passing ridge with front coming into the W
overnight.  Sunshine was plentiful:  Gatwick 6.0 hrs, Birmingham 4.5 hrs,
Cardiff 3.6 hrs, Manchester 3.4 hrs, Newcastle 5.7 hrs, Dyce 5.0 hrs,
Glasgow 3.9 hrs, Tiree 1.4 hrs, Lerwick 4.5 hrs but Ireland was mostly
cloudy ahead of the fronts.  A few showers developed but totals were small.
Overnight moderate to heavy rain associated with strong S winds pushed E to
be covering all except E England by 0600: Plymouth 12mm, Cardiff 5mm,
Birmingham 7mm, Watnall 6mm, Manchester 9mm, Newcastle 4mm, Dyce 10mm,
Glasgow 10mm, Lerwick 1mm, Tiree 17mm, Wick 9mm, Belfast 10mm, and Valentia

Maxima: Gatwick 6C, Guernsey 8C, Cardiff 8C, Birmingham 5C, Watnall 5C,
Manchester 6C, Newcastle 4C, Dyce 5C, Glasgow 6C, Wick 5C, Lerwick 4C,
Belfast 5C with Valentia at 11C being the highest.

Minima were lowest in the SE, ahead of the fronts: Gatwick -4C, Guernsey 6C,
Bristol 2C, Cardiff 5C, Birmingham 0C, Watnall 0C, Newcastle 1C, Dyce -1C,
Glasgow 4C, Tiree 6C, Wick 3C, Lerwick 0C, Belfast 5C rising to 10C at
Valentia.  Most of these occurred early in the night.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Light N winds covered much of W and central areas with a few light showers.
Further E it was cloudy with some light snow in places.  Many parts of
Scandinavia were clear.  E winds were blowing from Russia as far W as

Maxima were lowest in Scandinavia: Sodankvia -37C, Viraso -27C, Oslo -7C,
Stockholm -9C, Helsinki -15C, Murmansk -12C, Moscow -16C,Warsaw -5C,
Berlin -3C, Belgrade 4C, Prague -1C, Munich 1C, Paris 5C, Brussels 4C, Brest
9C, Bordeaux 11C, Madrid 12C, Nimes 9C, Venice 3C and Rome 10C. Iceland -2
to 3C.

Minima: were -25 to -35 in N Scandinavia with Oslo-8C, Stockholm -11C and
Helsinki -23C.  Coastal Norway was 4C in the S (with S winds) to -9C at
Tromso.  The far N of Norway was +1C.  Warsaw -6C, Berlin -5C,
 Belgrade -5C, Venice 1C,  Munich 1C, Paris 0C, Brussels 3C, Brest 8C,
Bordeaux 5C, Madrid 6C, Nimes 4C.  Iceland was in range 1 to 5C.


The rain will soon clear with drier, but still cloudy weather, spreading
from the W.  Winds will veer to SW and later to the W as another trough
moves across.  It will then become cooler with a few scattered showers.

Temperature elsewhere at 1200 GMT:

Seimtchan -43C, Verkhoiansk -36C, Archangel -20C, Spitzbergen -16C, Jan
Mayen -1C, Chesterfield (Can) -33C, Island falls (Can) -38C, Winnipeg -19C,
Toronto 0C, New York 2C, Pensacola 3C, Dodge City 4C, Regina -12C, Calgary -11C,
Fairbanks -15C and Vancouver 6C.