Synoptic Situation at 0600 20/02/1963            next day

Low near Brest yesterday has moved SE over France as N winds became
established on its W flank, leading to marked troughing over the W
Mediterranean.  Pressure is building over the SW of the Br.Isles and this
will link with a weak Atlantic ridge moving E, on the N flank of an
anticyclone moving to the NW of Spain.  Pressure is low over N Scandinavia,
but high in the S and over W Russia.

Weather over the British Isles:

Light E winds in the S were gradually replaced by light N winds in all
areas.  It remained largely cloudy in the S but clearer air moved into the
N.  Snow was widespread S of Manchester, though amounts were small.

Maxima:  Gatwick 0C, Guernsey 1C, Plymouth 1C, Culdrose 0C, Scilly 3C,
Cardiff 0C, Birmingham 0C, Watnall 0C, Manchester 1C, Newcastle 1C, Dyce 3C,
Eskdalemuir 0C, Glasgow 3C, Wick 3C, Lerwick 3C, Tiree 5C, Belfast 2C, Birr
2C and Valentia 3C.

Minima:  Gatwick -3C, Guernsey -1C, Plymouth -2C, Culdrose -2C, Scilly 0C,
Cardiff -5C, Birmingham -6C, Watnall -6C, Manchester -6C, Newcastle -1C,
Dyce -2C, Eskdalemuir -11C, Glasgow -8C, Wick -3C, Lerwick -2C, Tiree -1C,
Belfast -6C, Birr -6C and Valentia -7C (I doubt this is correct)

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Lows over the W and S of the area led to widespread snow in N France and
Central Europe, with some rain in the far S and SE.  Snow also fell over
Finland and parts of NW Russia.

Maxima:  Copenhagen -6C, Oslo -19C, Stockholm -10C, Helsinki -11C,
Leningrad -19C, Moscow -8C, Minsk -11C, Warsaw -5C, Belgrade 9C, Berlin -4C,
Paris -1C, Brussels -3C, Brest 4C, Bordeaux 9C, Madrid 9C, Nimes 10C, Venice
5C and Rome 12C.

Minima:  Copenhagen -9C, Stockholm -25C, Helsinki -24C, Riga -20C,
Minsk -6C, Warsaw -7C, Belgrade 8C, Berlin -6C, Paris -2C, Brussels -8C,
Brest 1C, Bordeaux 7C, Madrid 4C, Nimes 4C, Venice 3C and Rome 7C.

Forecast:  Very cold with persistent frost in the S and extensive tonight.
Variable cloud and a few snow showers which will become confined to the W
and N tomorrow.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -16C, Murmasnk -14C, Iceland +2 to +5C, SE Greenland +3C,
Thule -13C, Eureka -47C, Chesterfield -41C, Goose -25C, Gander -7C, Boston
3C, Montreal -9C, New York 2C, Pensacola 4C, Dodge City -1C, Regina -16C,
Calgary -3C, Fort Smith -34C and Vancouver 7C.