20th January 1963

"After a week of blizzards in most parts of Britain conditions were worse
than ever.  In only six of the 86 counties (excepting Northern Ireland) were
roads free from blocks and stranded vehicles.  Helicopters evacuated 300
workmen from the Fylingdales early-warning station.  Two climbers were
killed by an avalanche in the Chew Valley, near Oldham, a walker died some
miles away near Ramsbottom, and a man was found dead in a stranded car near
Blackburn.  Ice floes in the Bristol Channel stopped the Beachley Ferry.
Two coachloads of people stuck all night in a snowdrift were rescued  in
Derbyshire, and trains were trapped in drifts in Hertfordshire, Lancashire
and Cheshire.  Forty lorry drivers spent their third night in hotels or
cafes between Bowes (Yorkshire) and Brough (Westmorland), and 23 men were
saved from a Lebanese vessel which went aground at South Shields.  London
Airport was closed and the Pools Promoters Association, after another blank
Saturday, decided that more drastic measures were required.  From now on,
even if more than 30 football matches were postponed, the weekly gamble
would be possible.  A panel of experts would produce a hypothetical result
for the unplayed games"

As reported in the Manchester Guardian booklet "The Long Winter 1962-63"