Synoptic Situation at 0600 21/12/1962             next day

High, 1024mb, just W of Portugal,  building a ridge rapidly W of Ireland and
a new cell is expected to form there and move over the British Isles.  Low
NW of Iceland with associated troughs having moved SE quickly over the
Br.Isles to lie Norwegian Sea to North Sea To France by 0600.  New
low,1000mb, has formed Low Countries.  High Scandinavia, has moved to W
Russia, 1030mb, and intensified.

Weather over the British Isles:

The fronts moving SE brought rain to all parts, followed by clearer weather
overnight in light NW winds.  Few places saw sun on the 20th and rain
amounts were large in a few places:   Gatwick 9mm, Wattisham 11mm, Cardiff
12mm, Birmingham 7mm, Manchester 5mm, Newcastle 4mm, Dyce 3mm, Glasgow 1mm,
Wick 5mm, Tiree 5mm, Belfast trace and Valentia 1mm.

Maxima were 9 to 12C in the S and 6 to 10C in the N:  Gatwick 9C, Bristol
11C, Cardiff 12C, Birmingham 9C, Watnall 8C, Manchester 9C, Newcastle 8C,
Dyce 6C, Glasgow 10C, Wick and Lerwick 7C, Belfast 10C and Valentia 12C.

Minima stayed above zero in all places with a little ground frost:  Gatwick
5C, Birmingham 5C, Cardiff 4C, Watnall 4C, Newcastle 3C, Leuchars 1C,
Glasgow 4C, Wick and Stornoway 1C, Lerwick 3C, Belfast 1C, Birr 2C and
Valentia 7C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

The Russian High was dominating E Europe with many places having clear
skies.  The front through central regions was producing some rain and snow,
on the forward edge, as it moved E across France into Germany.

Maxima lowest in N and E:  Moscow -19C, Oslo -7C, Stockholm -10C,
Helsinki -19C, and -20 to -30 in the N.  Coastal Norway was 3 to 4C in the S
and -2 to -9 in the N with moderate SE winds.  Minsk -14C, Warsaw -12C,
Berlin -4C, Prague -5C. Bucharest -2C, Belgrade 0C, Venice 7C, Paris 4C,
Cologne -3C, Brussels 3C, Bordeaux 8C, Madrid 9C and Nimes 7C.  Iceland 1 to

Minima (0600 temps):  Oslo -1C, Stockholm -4C, Helsinki -25C, and as low
as -37C in the N. Riga -25C, Berlin -6C, Warsaw -19C, Cologne -4C,
Venice -1C, Paris 0C, Brussels 7C, Bordeaux 10C, Nimes 4C.  Iceland -1 to 2C
in a WSW wind.


Sunny periods and near average temperatures in most places.  Becoming milder
in Ireland, Scotland and some other W districts tomorrow.  Night frost in
may places.

Some temperatures elsewhere at 1200 GMT:

Jarjan(Siberia) -43C, Murmansk -5C,  Chesterfield -23C, Frobisher -31C,
Goose -23C,  Toronto -13C, Ottawa -19C, Montreal -15C, New York 3C,
Washington 7C, Pensacola 10C, Kansas City 14C, Calgary -3C and Vancouver 7C.