Synoptic Situation at 0600 21/01/1963          next day

High, 1044mb, S Scandinavia has been drifting slowly SE and will move into
the North Sea as a minor low moves quickly from N Norway to the E Baltic
States.  Low centres lie to the W, SW and S of the British Isles with more
in the Mediterranean.

Weather over the British Isles:

A belt of moist and warmer air aloft moved WNW over the S half of the
Br.Isles giving freezing rain or snow but this is now restricted to the
extreme SW of England and Ireland.  Most places were cloudy, except the far
N of Scotland and light snow or freezing rain was widespread dying out

Maxima:  Gatwick -1C, Guernsey 2C, Plymouth 1C, Scilly 3C, Cardiff -1C,
Birmingham 1C, Watnall -2C, Manchester -1C, Newcastle 3C, Dyce 4C,
Eskdalemuir 1C, Glasgow 3C, Wick 5C, Lerwick 4C, Tiree 5C, Belfast 0C,
Birr -2C and Valentia 4C.

Minima:  Gatwick -6C, Guernsey -1C, Plymouth -1C, Scilly 2C, Cardiff -4C,
Birmingham -6C, Watnall -5C, Manchester -3C, Newcastle 1C, Dyce 1C,
Eskdalemuir -2C, Glasgow -1C, Wick 2C, Lerwick 1C, Tiree 2C, Belfast -1C,
Birr -4C and Valentia 2C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Some snow fell in parts of W Russia and around the lows over the
Mediterranean but other parts were largely dry with clear skies in central

Maxima:  Oslo -7C, Stockholm -6C, Helsinki -11C, Murmansk -8C,
Archangel -20C, Moscow -20C, Minsk -11C, Warsaw -9C, Belgrade -8C,
Berlin -6C, Copenhagen -4C, Paris 0C, Brussels -3C, Brest -1C, Bordeaux 7C,
Madrid 9C, Nimes 7C, Venice -2C and Rome 3C.

Minima:  Oslo -6C, Stockholm -12C, Helsinki -16C, Minsk -24C, Warsaw -13C,
Belgrade -9C, Berlin -7C, Paris -6C, Brussels -9C, Brest 1C, Bordeaux 3C,
Madrid 5C, Nimes -1C, Venice -4C and Rome 2C.


Very cold with persistent frost over much of England and Wales.  Tonight
frost will be severe to very severe over the S but slight to moderate in the
N.  Mostly dry and clear but North Sea coastal districts will be cloudier
with scattered light sleet or snow.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Iceland +1 to +6, Chesterfield -41C, Goose -29C, Gander -7C, Toronto  -8C,
Montreal 2C, New York 2C, Chicago -22C Pensacola 13C, Minneapolis -19C,
Dodge City -7C, Calgary 2C, Regina -27C, Fort Smith -28C and Vancouver -3C.