Synoptic Situation at 0600 22/12/1962           next day

Strong rises of pressure have occurred  on a large scale and the main high
over Russia has moved W, 1040mb, over the Baltic States and is expected to
move to Denmark.  A smaller high W of Ireland, yesterday, has moved NE to SW
England and will link with the main European high soon.  Front lies down
coast of Norway, moving slowly E and its counterpart over Germany and France
is moving W as a cold front.

Weather over the British Isles:

Apart from the extreme NW, all areas had a sunny day and clear night with
little rain even in the NW.  Sunniest was Boscombe Down and Thorney Island
7.2 hrs, but most S areas had over 6hrs.

Maxima were 7 to 11C in the  most areas except the far N, Wick 4C, Lerwick
5C and Stornoway 6C

Minima fell just below zero in many places:  Gatwick -1C, Cardiff -1C,
Birmingham 0C, Bristol -4C, Watnall -1C, Manchester 2C, Newcastle 3C,
Glasgow 0C, Dyce -4C, Wick 1C, Stornoway 1C, Lerwick 4C, Belfast -2C and
Valentia 2C

Weather over the rest of Europe:

The low, just W of Denmark moved SE, through the period, into the
Mediterranean by 0600, taking with it rain and snow. An easterly airstream
had become established over central and S countries.  The far N of
Scandinavia  was in light W to SW winds.

Maxima: Moscow -20C, Warsaw -15C, Belgrade -3C, Berlin -5C, Cologne 4C,
Paris 8C, Brussels 6C, Bordeaux 8C, Madrid 7C, Nimes 6C and Venice 0C.
Coastal Norway was 2C in the S and -2C in the N.  Oslo -3C, Stockholm -4C,
Helsinki -16C, Murmansk -16C and inland areas of the N were -16 to -22C.
Iceland was 1 to -3C.

Minima: Minsk -14C, Warsaw -8C, Berlin -14C, Cologne -3C, Paris 4C, Brest
4C, Bordeaux -2C, Nimes 7C, Venice -3C and Belgrade -4C.


Ireland and Scotland will become cloudy and mild with rain or drizzle with
strong S winds.  E areas will stay fine and rather cold with widespread
frost and some overnight fog patches.

Some other temperatures at 1200 GMT:

Verkhoiansk -54C, Archangel -4C, S. Spitzbergen 2C, Chesterfield -24C,
Toronto -16C, Montreal -22C, New York -10C, Washington -6C, Pensacola 8C,
Dodge City 0C, and Vancouver 7C.