February 23 1963

"More than half the football League games were played and for the first time
since December 28, the pools functioned without the hypothetical results of
the experts.  It was sunny throughout the country and only in the South-east
were temperatures as low as 1deg. C.  In this area there was more snow in
the early morning.  It was to be the last of the official winter period."

March 1st 1963

"After three days, disastrous heath fires on the Isle of Skye were brought
under control.  In the north of the Island they had swept across a
seven-mile front; in the south thirty square miles of grazing land were
burned and many sheep on them.  They had been caused by two things: Skye's
lowest February rainfall for thirty years and frost which had shrivelled the

March 2nd 1963

"Troops relieved a farm on Dartmoor which had been cut of by 20ft snow
drifts for 66 days.  With only fourteen Football League Matches postponed,
soccer had its best day for eleven weeks.  There was still no football at
Halifax, but the local club opened its ground as a public ice rink and
hundreds skated on it."

As reported in the Manchester Guardian booklet "The Long Winter 1962-63"