Synoptic Situation at 0600 23/01/1963     next day

The high over Lincolnshire, 1044mb,  yesterday has continued to drift S and
is expected to be over NE France by tomorrow.   SW airflow over Scotland is
expected to extend further S.  A low over the Norwegian Sea will move SE
across Norway to be followed by a rather weak ridge ahead of a deep
depression moving NE in the Denmark Straight.  Pressure is still low to the
W of Iberia and the far E of the Mediterranean.

Weather over the British Isles:

An almost dry day and night everywhere with plenty of sunshine, Aberporth
being the sunniest with 8.0 hrs.

Maxima:  Gatwick -2C, Guernsey 0C, Plymouth 0C, Scilly 5C, Cardiff -3C,
Birmingham -3C,Shawbury -4C, Watnall -2C, Manchester -1C, Newcastle -1C,
Dyce 0C, Eskdalemuir  -3C, Glasgow 0C, Wick 2C, Lerwick 3C, Tiree 3C,
Belfast 1C, Birr 1C and Valentia 5C.

Minima:  Gatwick -17C, Guernsey -3C, Cardiff -9C, Birmingham -16C (-20),
Watnall -13C, Manchester -10C, Newcastle -6C, Dyce -12C, Eskdalemuir -14C,
Glasgow -8C, Wick -7C, Lerwick +3C, Tiree -1C, Belfast -11C, Birr -3C and
Valentia +2C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Dry and clear in most areas away from troughs moving SE from Scandinavia
into W Russia. Some snow also fell in the Balkans.

Maxima:  Oslo -8C, Stockholm -2C, Helsinki -10C and around 3C on the W coast
of Norway.  Moscow -16C, Minsk -14C, Warsaw-15C. Belgrade -14C, Berlin -7C,
Brussels -7C, Paris -4C, Brest 0C, Bordeaux -1C, Madrid 3C, Nimes -2C,
Venice -3C and Rome 3C.

Minima:  Oslo -6C, Stockholm -7C. Helsinki -2C and +3 to +5 on the W coast
in a warm sector.  Minsk -6C, Warsaw -4C, Berlin -6C, Paris -7C,
Brussels -2C, Brest -6C, Bordeaux -6C, Madrid 2C, Nimes -12C, Venice -13C
and Rome -4C.

Forecast:  Frost persisting over much of England, Wales, Ireland and SE
Scotland.  Fog patches will become more widespread tonight in central areas.
Cloudy weather with higher temperatures in NW Scotland will extend slowly S.

Outlook:  Little change in the S, but changeable in the N and tending to
become less cold.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:  Murmansk -12C, SW Greenland +4 to +8C,
Chesterfield -27C (35kn wind), Gander -9C, Boston -11C, Montreal -19C, New
York -10C, Charleston -3C, Nashville -3C, Dodge City -4C, Bismark -29C,
Regina -34C, Fort Smith -34C, Fairbanks -9C and Vancouver 1C