Synoptic Situation at 0600 25/12/1962         next day

High, 1038mb, over England has moved quickly W and another over N Germany,
1038mb, will move quickly SE as a trough of low pressure moves SE across
Scandinavia and the N North Sea.  High, 1037 mb, W of Iceland, is moving NE.
Low, 1002mb, Azores, developing.

Weather over the British Isles:

Cloudy with some  rain and snow in the far NW but all other areas were sunny
by day and clear overnight. Tiree was wettest 14mm, with Wick 5mm, Lerwick
6mm and Benbecula 5mm, as a warm front moved slowly SE.  Sunshine: Gatwick
6.3 hrs, Cardiff 6.5 hrs, Birmingham 2.9 hrs Manchester 4.1 hrs, Newcastle
3.3 hrs, Dyce and Glasgow zero, and Valentia 5.7 hrs.

Maxima: Gatwick 1C, Cardiff 0C, Birmingham -1C, Watnall -1C, Newcastle 1C,
Manchester 0C, Glasgow 1C, Leuchars 0C, Tiree 6C, Lerwick 8C, Belfast 2C and
Valentia 4C.

Minima: Gatwick -4C (-8), Cardiff -5C, Birmingham -9C (-15), Watnall -7C
(-14), Newcastle -6C, Manchester -8C, Leuchars -1C, Glasgow -1C, Wick 5C,
Lerwick 4C, Tiree 5C, Belfast -1C and Valentia -4C (-7).

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Dry and cold except in the far NW where a front was bringing rain and higher
temperatures to N parts of Scandinavia.

Maxima:  Oslo -12C, Stockholm -1C, Helsinki -1C, Moscow -8C,
Warsaw -6C,
Belgrade -8C, Sofia -7C, Zagreb -7C, Berlin -7C, Munich -14C, Prague -10C,
Paris -5C, Brussels -6C, Bordeaux -7C, Madrid 1C, Nimes -5C, Brest 2C.
Coastal Norway was 6 to 7C.  Tromso 6C.  Iceland -2 to 3C.

Minima: Warmest in coastal Norway, 5C in the S and far N. Oslo -2C,
Stockholm -5C, Helsinki -1C, Minsk -5C, Warsaw  -8C,  Berlin -8C,
Belgrade -8C, Venice 1C, Munich -13C, Paris -9C, Brussels -4C, Brest -4C,
Bordeaux -11C, Barcelona -1C (with snow), Alicante -3C.  Iceland -2 to 2C.
Coastal Portugal was 0 to 1C in a light E wind.


Rain or drizzle over N Scotland will extend slowly S with some snow further
S. Snow over N Ireland will turn to rain.  Becoming cloudy over E England
with some light snow although less cold. Very cold over the rest of England
and Wales.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Jarjan -41C,  Archangel 0C,  Chesterfield -33C, Goose -6C, Boston -1C, New
York -3C, Washington -4C, Ottawa -17C, Montreal -12C, Augusta 0C, Pensacola
4C, Dodge City -8C, Regina -22C, Calgary -13C and Vancouver -2C.