Synoptic Situation at 0600 26/01/1963            next day

The advancing high has settled over Ireland, 1045mb.  The previous high to
the SE has collapsed and this new one is dominant with a NW maritime airflow
over all E and central areas of GB.  This NW airflow is being strengthened
by the formation of a new low over S Sweden, 1008mb.  This is linked to
several troughs moving SE across central and E parts of Europe.

Weather over the British Isles:

Freezing fog persisted in many S districts but some places saw sun:  Thorney
Island 6.3 hrs, Guernsey 4.9 hrs, Birmingham 4.0 hrs Watnall 4.0 hrs,
Valentia 6.0 hrs but is was generally cloudier in the far N and NW with a
little rain.

Maxima:  London Airport -5C, Gatwick -3C, Guernsey 1C, Bristol -5C, Plymouth
2C, Cardiff -5C, Birmingham 0C, Watnall 2C, Manchester 1C, Newcastle 3C,
Dyce 5C, Eskdalemuir 4C, Glasgow 7C, Wick 5C, Lerwick 7C, Tiree 7C, Belfast
3C, Birr 4C and Valentia 8C.

Minima:  Skies cleared in the NW airflow and temperatures fell sharply in
the S:  Gatwick -13C (-17), Guernsey -1C, Plymouth -4C, Scilly 2C,
Cardiff -9C, Birmingham -6C, Watnall -2C, Manchester -1C, Newcastle 2C, Dyce
4C, Eskdalemuir 2C, Glasgow 4C, Wick 4C, Lerwick 0C, Tiree 6C, Belfast 0C,
Birr -5C and Valentia -3C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

The far W was cold, clear and dry, but further E it was cloudy with spells
of snow as milder air pushed S.  Clearer maritime air moved over Scandinavia
later in the period.

Maxima:  Copenhagen 0C, Oslo -7C (warm sector!), Stockholm -2C,
Helsinki -11C, and +1 to +4 on the W coast of Norway.  Moscow -12C,
Minsk -10C, Warsaw -6C, Belgrade -9C, Berlin 1C, Paris -7C, Brussels -2C,
Brest 2C, Bordeaux 2C, Madrid 10C, Nimes 2C, Venice 1C and Rome 4C.

Minima:  Copenhagen 0C, Oslo -6C, Stockholm -1C, Helsinki -4C, and 0 to -1C
on the coast in NW winds.  Minsk -8C, Warsaw -9C, Belgrade -7C, Berlin-3C,
Paris -8C, Brussels -2C, Brest -4C, Bordeaux -7C, Madrid -1C, Nimes -9C,
Venice -8C and Rome -4C.

Forecast:  The thaw will continue in the N and extend to all parts of the
Br.Isles.  Slight showers will continue in N Scotland but it will be dry in
most other places.  Some slight frost will recur in many parts of England
and Wales tonight.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -24C, Jan Mayen -21C, Iceland +1 to -5C, SW Greenland 6C,
Chesterfield -33C, Goose -25C, Gander -8C, Boston -15C, New York -14C,
Montreal -17C, Chicago -21C, Washington -10C, Augusta -9C, Pensacola -9C,
Dodge City -9C, Bismark -25C, Regina -32C, Fort Smith -29C, Fairbanks -6C
and Vancouver 1C.