Synoptic Situation at 0600 27/12/1962         next day

High,1038mb, Iceland, persisting.  Two low centres near Azores, moving E.
Trough moved S over British Isles, with a new low forming at the triple
point to be over Anglesey at 1200 and moving S to Brest by 0600, 1004mb.  NE
winds cover much of NW Europe with lighter or calm conditions elsewhere.
Main fronts lie well to the S over S Spain. N Africa and into Greece.  Low,
1006mb, Italy, filling slowly.

Weather over the British Isles:

A band of increasingly heavy snow moved S throughout the period, to be over
the far S by morning, with continuous moderate snow still being reported in
the SE.  Wintry showers fell in the N.  Sunshine was limited to the far N.

Rainfall equivalents:  Gatwick 17mm had the most,  Guernsey 17mm (rain),
Plymouth 1mm, Chivenor 2mm, Culdrose 2mm, Birmingham 7mm, Cardiff 6mm,
Bristol 9mm, Watnall 2mm, Manchester 2mm, Newcastle 9mm, Dyce 4mm, Glasgow
trace, Belfast trace, Wick 3mm, Stornoway 6mm, Belfast 1mm and Valentia 7mm.

Maxima:  Gatwick 0C, Guernsey 4C, Cardiff 4C, Birmingham 1C, Watnall 2C,
Manchester 2C, Newcastle 5C, Dyce 1C, Glasgow 4C, Wick 2C, Tiree 5C, Belfast
7C and Valentia 8C.

Minima:  Frost in most places despite mostly cloudy skies in the S:
 Gatwick -2C, Guernsey 2C,  Cardiff 0C, Birmingham -2C, Watnall -2C,
Shawbury -7C, Newcastle 0C, Manchester -4C,  Dyce -1C, Glasgow -6C,
Wick -1C, Tiree -1C, Lerwick -1C, Belfast -5C and Valentia -1C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

A band of snow (linked to the trough over England) moved slowly SE to lie
from N France, S Denmark to W Russia by 0600.  Scandinavia was in clear air
with a few snow showers.  Many parts of central and S Europe were cloudy
with light snow in places.

Maxima (1200 GMT temps): Oslo -11C, Stockholm -2C, Helsinki 0C, Moscow-8C,
Murmansk -8C, Minsk -7C, Warsaw -12C, Belgrade -6C, Prague -9C, Munich -14C,
Berlin -8C, Paris -6C, Brest 2C, Bordeaux -7C, Madrid -2C, Barcelona -4C,
Nimes -2C, Venice 0C.  Iceland -2 to -5C.

Minima (0600 GMT temps): Minsk -13C, Oslo -4C, Stockholm -14C, Helsinki -8C
(with -10 to -15C in  N Scandinavia in light N winds),Warsaw -11C,
Berlin -10C, Cologne -10C, Paris -6C, Brest 4C, Bordeaux -8C, Madrid -3C,
Nimes -9C, Venice -7C and Rome 1C.  Iceland -2 to -8C.


The snow in the S will die out during the day leaving all E districts with
some sun and snow showers.  W areas will be sunny.  Severe frost will be
widespread in the Midlands and S with moderate frost in other places.

Some other 1200 GMT Temperatures:

Verhoiansk -52C, Jan Mayen -7C,  SW Greenland +7C, Goose -27C, Gander -16C,
Chesterfield -33C, Toronto -7C, New York 3C, Charleston 4C,  Pensacola 4C,
Dodge City -18C, Regina -10C, Calgary -3C and Vancouver -4C.