Synoptic Situation at 0600 29/12/1962          next day

High, 1028mb, W of Iceland extending into Scandinavia.  Low NW Iberia has
moved NE through the last 24 hours and is expected to be over S Brittany by
0600 tomorrow.  Trough lies along S coast of Britain through Low Countries
into S Sweden.  Fronts extend east from the low near Finisterre through
Iberia to S Italy and Greece.

Weather over The British Isles:

Fog persisted in a few places and light snow continued in the far S and SE.
Sunshine: Cloudy in the far SE, Cardington 4.4hrs, Wittering 5.4 hrs,
Culdrose 3.5 hrs, Plymouth 0.5 hrs, Spurn Head 6.9 hrs, Newcastle 4.7 hrs,
Leuchars 5.6 hrs, Glasgow 4.5 hrs, Tiree 4.2hrs, Wick 0.3  hrs.

Precipitation (all snow):  Plymouth 6mm, Hurn 3mm, Culdrose 9mm(sleet),
Gatwick and Guernsey trace, Birmingham and Watnall zero, Newcastle 1mm,
Leuchars trace, Dyce 7mm, Glasgow zero, Wick 1mm, Tiree 1mm, Belfast 2mm and
Valentia 1mm.

Maxima: Gatwick -1C, Guernsey 1C, Plymouth 2C,  Cardiff 0C, Birmingham -2C,
Watnall -1C, Manchester 1C, Newcastle 0C, Leuchars 1C, Glasgow 1C, Wick 1C,
Lerwick 1C, Tiree 4C, Belfast 1C and Valentia 3C.

Minima: Gatwick -3C, Guernsey -1C, Cardiff -4C, Plymouth -1C,
Birmingham -5C, Watnall -6C, Newcastle -2C, Manchester -11C,
Eskdalemuir -11C (-13), Dyce, -8C, Wick -2C, Tiree -2C, Belfast -5C and
Valentia -2C.

Away from the extreme SW of England and parts of Ireland, all stations were
reporting snow cover at 0900 on the 29th.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Mostly dry away from the trough from S England to W Russia.  Rain moved N as
a warm front advanced over Iberia and parts of the Mediterranean.

Maxima (1200GMT):  Oslo -14C, Helsinki -10C, Moscow -10C, N
Scandinavia -21C, Murmansk -7C, coastal Norway 0 to -4C, Minsk -12C,
Warsaw -8C, Belgrade -8C, Zagreb -10C, Berlin -4C, Prague -11C, Paris -9C,
Brussels -5C, Brest 0C, Bordeaux -2C, Madrid 3C, Nimes 4C and Venice 1C.
Iceland 3 to 5C and S Greenland 2 to 5C.

Minima (0600GMT):  Coastal Norway -1C to -5C, Oslo -11C, Stockholm -3C,
Helsinki -9C, Minsk -12C, Warsaw -9C, Berlin -7C, Paris -7C, Brussels -4C,
Brest -1C, Bordeaux 4C, Madrid 5C, Nimes 5C and Venice 1C.  Iceland 0 to 3C.


Widespread frost, persisting all day in places.  Freezing fog in Midlands.
S England and S Wales will have light snow in places.  Elsewhere bright
periods with a few snow showers, particularly in coastal areas of NE
England, Scotland and N Ireland exposed to the E winds.

Other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -32C, Chesterfield -33C,  Goose -27C, Gander -17C, Boston -6C,
Montreal -13C, Toronto -6C, New York -2C, Pensacola 12C, Fort Worth 3C,
Calgary -17C, Regina -17C and Vancouver 4C.