Synoptic Situation at 0600 29/11/1962:             next day

High over British Isles has now declined to 1030mb by 0600, but still
extends from SW of Iceland to SE Europe.  Stationary low, 300 miles west of
Portugal has deepened to 996mb.  Stationary low, 1011mb, just west of Italy,
is deepening. Low moving ESE from SE Iceland to be off Norway by 0600,
central pressure 1002mb.  Its associated cold front is moving south over
Scotland and its warm front is moving east towards Scandinavia.

Weather in British Isles:

Generally calm conditions prevail, except in N. Scotland where a moderate NW
wind  developed.  Fog lingered in parts of southern England until the
afternoon and drizzle affected NW areas of England and SW Scotland.  More
general rain moved south over the northern half of Scotland with the wettest
place being Lerwick with 5mm.

Maximum temperatures were typically 7-8C over most of England, rising to
9-10C in NW Scotland and 11C at Malin Head.  Gatwick 7C, Birmingham 7C,
Cardiff 7C, Manchester 7C, Newcastle 9C, Glasgow 10C, Wick 9C, Lerwick 7C
and Tiree 10C

The only sunshine recorded was in NE England and SE Scotland - Newcastle 2.4
hours and Leuchars 2.6 hours.

Minimum temperatures were about 5C over much of central and southern
Wales and Ireland, rising to 9C in Tiree.  There were no reports of frost,
air or ground.  Gatwick 5C, Birmingham 5C, Cardiff 5C, Manchester  6C,
Newcastle 7C, Glasgow 7C, Wick 5C and Stornoway 6C

Weather in rest of Europe:

The large anticyclone  resulted in calm and often foggy conditions for
central and southern areas. Rain followed by rain/snow showers  moved SE
across Scandinavia.

Maximum temperatures were around 2 to 6C over much of southern and central
Europe:  Berlin 6, Warsaw 3, Moscow 2, Brussels 7, Paris 6 and Madrid 9C.
Many parts of Scandinavia stayed just below zero in the polar airstream.

Minimum temperatures were just below zero over much of inland Iberia, France
and Germany, rising to 5 or 6C over the Low Countries and northern Poland,
falling  below zero over non-coastal areas of Scandinavia.

Precipitation was confined to the central Mediterranean and the frontal zone
stretching from S.Norway into Russia, but amounts were small.

Forecast for tomorrow:

Scotland - cloudy at first becoming brighter with scattered showers.  The
rest of the British Isles can expect  mostly cloudy conditions and a little
rain and drizzle, with some brightness in the NE.  Northern districts should
become a little colder.

Other 1200GMT temperatures:

Oimyakon (Sib) -45C, Jarjan (Sib) -32C, Murmansk -2C, SW Greenland +1C,
Chesterfield -26C,  Toronto -2C, New York 6C, Pensacola 12C, Dodge City 8C,
Calgary -2C, Fairbanks -29C and Vancouver 2C.