Synoptic Situation at 0600 02/01/1963  Next day

Very Little change from yesterday.  High pressure spans an enormous area
from N Canada to W Russia with one centre, 1036mb, near Greenland/Iceland
and another over W Russia.  The depression of W Portugal has moved only
slowly NE across Spain and is moving very slowly into Biscay.  Old trough
lies from Cornwall through central France to the Adriatic.  Warm front lies
SW France to Sicily, moving slowly NE.

Weather over the British Isles:

Strong to gale force easterlies and cloud affected all areas except the far
NW.  Light to moderate snow persisted in many S districts easing a little
overnight.  Rainfall equivalents were lower than in recent days:  Gatwick
1mm, St. Mawgan 1mm, Aberporth 3mm.  Drifting snow was reported at many S

Maxima:  Gatwick -1C, Bristol -1C, Cardiff -1C, Birmingham 0C, Plymouth 0C,
Watnall 0C, Carlisle 1C, Newcastle 3C, Dyce 3C, Glasgow 2C, Wick 3C, Tiree
3C, Belfast 1C and Valentia 3C.

Minima:  Gatwick -2C, Gorelston -3C, Bristol -3C, Cardiff -3C,
Birmingham -2C, Manchester -1C, Plymouth -2C, Guernsey 3C, Watnall -2C,
Newcastle 1C, Dyce 0C, Glasgow 0C, Eskdalemuir -2C, Wick 1C, Lerwick 1C,
Tiree 0C, Belfast 0C, and Valentia 0C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

The trough moving SE from Scandinavia took a band of cloud and some snow
with it into W Russia.  The trough from Cornwall to the Adriatic had cloud
and some light snow and a more definite rainband was moving NE from Spain
followed by very mild air.

Maxima:  Scandinavia was less cold than of late, now it was covered by
maritime air.  Oslo -5C, Stockholm -3C, Helsinki -8C and -8C in the far N.
Coastal stations in Norway were 2 to 3C, except in the N, -3C and the far
S, -5C.  Moscow -20C, Minsk -13C. Warsaw -14C, Belgrade 2C, Prague -2C,
Berlin -12C, Brussels -5C, Paris 2C, Brest 7C, Bordeaux 10C, Madrid 9C,
Nimes 6C and Venice 6C.  Iceland -1 to -2C.

Minima:  Oslo -5C, Stockholm -14C, Helsinki -5C and -17C to -27C in far N.
Minsk -20C, Warsaw -20C, Berlin -14C, Hamburg -13C, Copenhagen -5C,
Brussels -6C, Paris -3C, Bordeaux 6C, Madrid 11C, Nimes 8C and Venice 4C.
Iceland -1 to -3C.

Forecast:  Dull in the S with snow which could be heavy and prolonged and
with drifting in strong to gale E winds.  A few snow showers in other
places, mainly in the E with a few bright intervals in the W.  Very cold
with moderate or severe night frost.

Some other 1200 GMT Temperatures:
Seimtchan (NE Sib) -39C, Chesterfield -37C, Goose 2C, Montreal -17C, New
York -10C, Washington -6C,  Pittsburgh -15C, Charleston -3C, Dodge City -6C,
Regina -15C and Wasson Lake (Can) -46C.