Synoptic Situation at 0600      02/12/1962        next day

High, 1046mb, centred over central Europe. Low, 994mb, just off NW Norway,
moving east.  Low, 982mb, mid Atlantic, moving slowly NW.  Warm front lies
along the Norwegian coast and is moving east.

Weather over the British Isles:

Winds from the south or south-east, light in the east moderate in the west.
Mostly cloudy during the day with only small amounts of sunshine, except in
the far south-east where drier air is moving in from France.  Kew recorded
5.0 hrs and Gatwick 5.6 hrs.  Fog persisted in parts of E and NE England and
E Scotland.  A little rain fell in the far NW but amounts were small.

Maximum temperatures were down on recent days, especially in foggy areas -
Dishforth 2C, Tynemouth 3C, Elmdon 6C, but in the sunnier SE, 9C at Gatwick.
The highest temperatures were again in the NW, with Stornoway and Tiree both
reaching 10C.

Minimum temperatures were below zero in many parts of England as skies
cleared and were in the range 0 to -5C, the lowest being at Cardington -6C.
Scotland had temperatures just above zero in the S and as high as 8C on
Stornoway.  Wales saw temperatures in the range 1 to 5C and Ireland 3 to 9C.

Weather over rest of Europe:

Calm and dry in central areas but with strong east winds developing SE of
the Alps and westerlies strengthening over Scandinavia as the warm front

Maximum temperatures were well below zero over inland parts of Scandinavia,
Oslo -8C, Stockholm -3C, Helsinki -5C.  Much of eastern Europe was in the
range 0 to -5C, Moscow -5C.  Further west and south, over S.Germany and
France 2-5C was common.

Minimum temperatures were below zero over a wide area with the highest being
on the coast of Norway +7C.  Further south it fell to -10C in Sweden  and
was in the range 0 to -10C over much of the area including inland Iberia.
Only NW France and Denmark were above zero.

Forecast for tomorrow:

Weather continuing dry and rather cold with extensive night frost and some
freezing fog.  Cloudier in the west with near normal temperatures.

Some other 1200GMT temperatures:

Seimtchan -44C, Murmansk -6C, SW Greenland -10C, Chesterfield -12C,
Gander -3C, New York 3C, Pensacola 8C, Dodge City 8C, Calgary -6C,
Fairbanks -28C.