Synoptic Situation at 0600 30/11/62        next day

A ridge of high pressure has developed over Scotland, absorbed the old
anticyclone further south and is expected to form a larger high over the
North Sea with a strong ridge over Scandinavia.  Central pressure at 0600 is
1030mb.  Stationary low in Mediterranean 1014mb;  low over Baltic States is
moving east into Russia; low west of Iceland, 992mb, is moving north and the
old low west of Portugal is being absorbed by a major low 400 miles west of
the Azores, 998mb.

Weather over British Isles:

The cold front moving south over Scotland has become stationary and
inactive, in a line from Malin Head to Manchester to the Wash.  North of the
front, skies are relatively clear but to the south conditions are still
cloudy.  Sunniest places were in NE England - Dishforth 6.7 hours - but most
places stayed cloudy all day with a little light rain or drizzle.  Winds
were light or calm everywhere.

Maximum temperatures were 7-8C over much of southern England, Wales and
Ireland, increasing to 9-10C over western Scotland and 11-12C in NE England
and SE Scotland.  Gatwick 8C, Birmingham 7C, Cardiff 8C, Manchester 8C,
Newcastle 9C, Glasgow 10C, Wick 7C, Tiree 9C, Belfast 7C and Valentia 9C

Minimum temperatures were in range 4-6C over much of the area, falling to
below zero in parts of Scotland; Renfrew and Stornoway -2C, and
Eskdalemuir -3C. Rainfall amounts were very small  with only 1mm being recorded
at Manchester and Lerwick.

Weather over rest of Europe:

Fronts moving ESE from Scandinavia to western Russia brought small amounts
of rain, with snow on the northern edge of the system.  The low over the
Mediterranean also gave light rain.

Maximum temperatures were around or just above zero in eastern Europe -
Moscow 0C, Warsaw 4C, with 2-4C being typical over much of western Europe
under  mostly cloudy skies.  Many parts of Scandinavia showed a big drop in
temperature behind the cold front - Oslo -8C, Stockholm -3C, Helsinki -4C.

Minimum temperatures ranged from -15C in northern Scandinavia to -5C in the
south.  Most places near the cold front, moving south over eastern Europe
and the Low Countries, were around 5-6C.    In the calmer conditions further
south and west temperatures fell to around or just below zero - Bordeaux -5C,
Nice -1C, under clear skies.

Forecast for tomorrow:

The rather cold weather over Scotland and NE England is expected to move
south and west.  Slight frost and some fog is expected overnight.

Some other 1200GMT temperatures:

Oimyakon -49C, Verkhoiansk -45C, Murmansk -3C, SW Greenland -1C,
Chesterfield -16C, Montreal -3C, New York 6C, Pensacola 8C, Dodge City 9C,
Regina -3C, Fairbanks -31C and Vancouver 4C