31st December 1962

"Five more deaths occurred, and in Devon conditions were already comparable
to those of 1947.  Two thousand ponies had been buried under drifts in
Dartmoor for three days and an unknown number of sheep were in similar
plight.  In the north there was a gale which brought down a 200ft. chimney
in Rochdale.  Men at 26 power stations decided to ban overtime and work to
rule which meant, according to their spokesman, Mr Charles Doyle that
"roughly one-third of the electricity supply industry" was affected.  The
Meteorological Office reported that seven towns had beaten the December
sunshine record of 100.1 hours, which had existed since 1917.  At the same
time, it decided that there wasn't, after all,  going to be a thaw."

As reported in the Manchester Guardian booklet "The Long Winter 1962-63"