Synoptic Situation at 0600 03/12/1962:                     next day

High, 1042mb, SE Germany almost stationary.  Low, 1008mb, centred over S
Italy. Low, 1002mb, 500 mile west of Norway, moving ENE.  Low, 972mb, 500
miles S of Greenland, moving slowly N.  Weak cold front moving S over
Scandinavia and W Russia.

Weather over the British Isles:

A dry day, except for light rain/drizzle in the far NW.  Cloudy in many
places but some sun in parts of S England and Wales, 6.3 hrs at Gorleston,
6.5 hrs at Gatwick and 2.7 hrs at Shawbury.
Maximum temperatures much lower than of late,  Gatwick 4C, Elmdon
(Birmingham) 0C, Manchester 1C, Cardiff 4C, but warmer further N and W.
and Lerwick 8C, and most Irish stations were in the range 8 to 11C at
Valentia.  The lowest maximum was -1C at Finningley as the overnight fog

Minimum temperatures: Below zero in inland parts of England, Wales and S
Scotland - Birmingham -10C and -15 on the ground, Gatwick-8C,  Cardiff 0C,
Manchester -3C, Newcastle, -3C, Eskdalemuir -6C, Glasgow -2C, Wick 5C,
Lerwick 4C, Tiree 8C, Belfast 4C, Birr 7C and Valentia 9C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Mostly calm and dry except in far N and S.  The low crossing Scandinavia
brought some rain with snow on the leading edge.  The strong easterlies over
SE Europe were associated with some rain/snow.

Maximum temperatures were below zero over most parts of E Europe, -1C in
Warsaw, -5C in Moscow, Berlin -3C.  Further W they went to or just above
zero, 0C in Brussels, 3C in Paris, 4C in Bordeaux, 8C in Madrid and Milan.
Some of the highest values were recorded  in W Norway 8C and 9C in SW

Minimum temperatures were generally below zero over much of the area except
coastal parts of Norway, 8C, and Denmark 8C.  Berlin -7C, Paris -3C,
Brussels 0C, Bordeaux -2C and Madrid -3C.  Iceland recorded figures in the
range 5 to 7C.

Forecast for tomorrow:

Western areas will be cloudy with average temperatures.  Remaining areas
will be rather cold with widespread frost, locally severe and some fog.
Sunny periods but overnight fog may persist in some areas.

Some other 1200GMT temperatures:

Murmansk -9C, SW Greenland 0C, Chesterfield -5C, Goose -8C, Gander -4C,
Montreal -1C, New York 6C, Pensacola 5C, Dodge City 8C, Regina -8C,
Fairbanks -23C and Vancouver 5C.