Synoptic Situation at 0600 03/02/1963             next day

Low pressure developed over much of the Baltic and North Sea whilst a trough
moved S across Scotland into N Ireland and N England.  This low will
continue to deepen and is expected to move into the Channel.  A deepening
low which formed N of Iceland is expected to move SE and later S towards
Ireland.  Pressure is still high to the S of Greenland and an associated
ridge is expected to move E.

Weather over the British Isles:

Some sun : Carlisle 7.5 hrs but snow showers were widespread though light.

Maxima: Gatwick -2C, Guernsey -1C, Plymouth -1C, Cardiff -2C, Scilly -1C ( 4
hrs of sun), Birmingham -3C, Watnall -1C, Manchester -1C, Newcastle 1C,
Dyce -2C, Eskdalemuir -3C, Glasgow 0C, Wick 1C, Lerwick 2C, Tiree 2C,
Belfast 0C, Birr 0c and Valentia 4C.

Minima:  Gatwick -4C, Guernsey -2C, Plymouth -4C, Scilly -3C, Cardiff -6C,
Birmingham -5C, Watnall -5C, Manchester -7C, Newcastle -4C, Dyce -3C,
Eskdalemuir -12C, Glasgow -8C (-13), Wick 0C, Lerwick -1C, Tiree -1C,
Belfast -5C, Birr -9C (-13)and Valentia -4C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

A low, 991mb, is centred over central Italy with snow on its northern flank.
Light E winds cover much of S Europe, but elsewhere they are light and
variable.  A trough is moving SE across Norway.

Maxima:  A few missing -  Stockholm -7C, Helsinki -12C and 0C on the W
coast.  Warsaw -12C, Belgrade -9C, Berlin -8C, Copenhagen -8C, Paris -5C,
Brussels -6C, Brest -5C, Clermont -11C, Bordeaux -4C, Madrid -1C, Nimes 3C,
Venice -3C and Rome 5C.

Minima:  Stockholm -5C, Helsinki -6C, Minsk -15C, Warsaw -23C, Belgrade -8C,
Berlin -13C, Copenhagen -6C, Paris -7C, Brussels -5C, Brest -1C,
Bordeaux -8C, Madrid -4C, Nice -3C, Venice -3C and Rome 5C.

Forecast:  Mostly cloudy with snow at times in most places, with moderate to
heavy falls in some places.  Temperatures will go above zero only in the N.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:  S Greenland +2C, Churchill (Can) -39C,
Caribou -28C, New York -1C, Minneapolis -21C, Rapid City -17C, Regina -32C
sorry many data are missing.