Synoptic Situation at 0600 03/01/1963        next day

High persists from Canada through Greenland to W Russia with one centre,
1028mb, over S Scandinavia.  Low, 1008mb, lies 400 miles NE of Iceland.
Low, 998mb, is over NW France with fronts lying SE to Italy and another,
weaker, running through the English Channel to the Adriatic.

Weather over the British Isles:

Cloudy with strong to gale E winds in most areas. By day, snow or drizzle
were small in amounts, but overnight the snow intensified in S areas:
Gatwick 5mm, Guernsey 20mm (rain), Boscombe Down 9mm, Bristol 11mm, Cardiff
10mm, Birmingham 1mm, with little or nothing further north.

Maxima:  Gatwick 0C, Guernsey 4C, Plymouth 0C, St Mawgan -1C, Bristol -2C,
Cardiff -1C, Birmingham -1C, Watnall -1C, Manchester 1C, Newcastle 2C,
Eskdalemuir -1C, Glasgow 1C, Wick 4C, Lerwick 3C, Tiree 3C, Belfast 1C and
Valentia 2C.

Minima:  Gatwick 0C, Guernsey 2C, Plymouth 0C, St Mawgan -1C, Bristol -2C,
Cardiff -2C, Birmingham -2C, Watnall -1C, Newcastle 1C, Dyce 1C,
Eskdalemuir -1C, Glasgow 0C, Wick 1C, Lerwick 1C, Tiree 2C, Belfast 0C, and
Valentia 0C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Cloudy and milder with rain in many parts of Iberia and France behind the
troughs, but still cold further E and N.  Clear over much of Scandinavia.

Maxima:  Oslo -10C, Stockholm -9C, Helsinki -8C, Murmansk -10C, Moscow -14C,
Minsk -8C, Warsaw -13C, Belgrade 1C, Berlin -10C, Cologne -7C, Brussels -4C,
Paris 2C, Brest 4C, Bordeaux 10C, Madrid 14C, Nimes 14C and Venice 0C.
Iceland 0 to -3C.  Coastal Norway 3C in S to -2C in N in NW winds

Minima:  Oslo -5C, Stockholm -16C, Helsinki -8C, Minsk -11C, Warsaw -12C,
Berlin -8C, Belgrade -2C,  Brussels -6C, Paris 3C, Brest 3C, Bordeaux 6C,
Madrid 1C, Nimes 13C and Venice 6C.  Iceland -1 to -2C in calm conditions.


S Areas will be dull with snow in may places and drifting in the Midlands
and N England.  In the SE there will be rain or freezing rain for a time
before reverting to snow.  Scotland and N Ireland will have a few snow
showers.  Cold everywhere with snow and ice on the roads.

Other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -42C, Olenek (Sib.) -50C, Chesterfield -23C, Goose 2C,
Montreal -9C, New York -5C, Charleston -6C, Pensacola -3C, Dodge City -5C,
Calgary 1C, Fort Nelson (Can) -38C and Vancouver 9C.