3 January 1963

"A slight thaw came to parts of Europe, excluding Britain, where the
blizzard spread northwards.  A Royal Automobile Club official, not to be
outdone by the fluency of the A.A. said that "the Peak District looks like
the Alps" and Pennine villages became isolated.  In Somerset the railway
line between Minehead and Taunton was blocked by a train stuck in a
snowdrift, another train in the area was abandoned by its crew, who took
refuge in a farmhouse, and rail conditions in the West were so bad that
priority was given to trains carrying food, coal, oil and petrol.  Fifty
B.E.A. flights were cancelled at London Airport, Gatwick was closed and
London dairies began drawing on emergency stocks.  It was reported 20,000
driving tests had been cancelled during the week.  The unions recommended an
official work-to-rule in all power stations."

As reported in the Manchester Guardian booklet "The Long Winter 1962-63"