Synoptic Situation at 0600 04/12/1962             next day

High, 1036mb, central Europe declining, but with strong ridge across British
Isles.  Low, 1012mb, E Mediterranean filling slowly. Low, just off N
Norwegian Coast 1007mb, moving east and filling.  Low, 980mb, just off S
Greenland moving slowly E.  Stationary front lies from Faroes SSW to SW of

Weather over British Isles:

Another settled day with light S winds, but with fog persisting in parts of
England and Wales.  Sunshine was limited by fog and variable cloud, Gatwick
6.3 hrs, Guernsey 7.4 hrs, Boscombe Down 4.3 hrs, Eskdalemuir 3.8 hrs.  Many
places remained cloudy or foggy all day particularly in the Midlands and far
W and NW.  There was light rain and drizzle over parts of the far W and NW,
especially overnight as the front moved slowly closer.  The highest rain
total was at Valentia 12mm, with 3mm at Roches Point and 2mm at Lerwick.

Maximum temperatures were quite varied,  London 6C, Wittering 0C, Birmingham
and Manchester 1C, Carlisle and Dishforth -1C, but rose to 10C in the SW at
Plymouth and Chivenor.  The far N and NW saw figures around 9C, as at Cape
Wrath, Stornoway and Tiree.  Temperatures over Ireland ranged from 9C in
Belfast to 12C on Valentia.

Minimum temperatures were below zero over many S counties, Gatwick -9C,
Mildenhall -8C, Birmingham -1C, Manchester -2C, Cardiff 1C, Newcastle -4C,
slowly rising in more northern counties, Eskdalemuir 1C, Prestwick and Lerwick 4C

and Stornoway 9C.
Minima in Ireland varied between 6C in Belfast and 11C on Valentia.

Weather over the rest of Europe

The dry, calm and settled weather continued over much of the area, the
exceptions being central Scandinavia (an old front) and the far SE where
strong easterlies were blowing from the Balkans across to Italy.
Precipitation was confined to these latter areas with some snow falling in
the Balkans and light rain/snow through central Scandinavia into W Russia.

Maxima were still below zero in most places, Prague -4C, Warsaw -2C, Moscow
0C, Berlin -2C, rising a little in the W, Paris 1C, Brussels 6C, and 8C on
the S Norwegian coast and S Iceland.  Most parts of central Europe were
cloud free.

Minima were well below zero with -13C to -16C being recorded in S Germany
and Poland.  Paris and Berlin were -5C, Madrid -4C, Bordeaux -4C, Brussels
0C,. The warmest places were coastal areas of Portugal 7-11C and W Norway
6-8C and Iceland 5-7C.  Lowest reported minima were in N Norway, -24C .

Forecast for tomorrow:

Cold over England and Wales with overnight fog and frost, moderate to severe
in places.  Cloudy over Ireland and Scotland with light rain and on the mild

Some other 1200GMT temperature:

Oimyakon -47C, Verkhoiansk -47C, Jarjan -20C, Murmansk -4C, SW
Greenland -10C, Chesterfield -10C, Goose -13C, Gander -6C, Montreal 2C, New
York 5C, Pensacola 1C, Dodge City 7C, Regina 0C, Fairbanks -22C and
Vancouver 1C.