January 29th 1963

"The coldest place in Europe was Brussels where Britain's application to
join the E.E.C. was rejected"

31st January 1963

"The Queen and Prince Philip left London for their tour of New Zealand and
Australia.  The thoughts of the nation went with them."

1st February 1963

"The slow thaw ended and there were snow showers in central and southern
England; in West Sussex three inches fell in an hour.  On the eve of another
chill Saturday, the number of football matches cancelled since December 22
approached 400"

February 4th 1963

"Cornwall and Pembroke were cut off by blizzards; 50 people spent the night
in a train on the edge of Dartmoor and 70 lorry drivers took refuge in a
school at Whiddon Down, between Exeter and Okehampton, after being
surrounded by deep drifts.  In Wales, Llanelly was isolated.  In Scotland
150 lorry drivers, caught between Lanark and Abington, took to a public hall
for the night; two school buses were stuck in Midlothian, the children being
rescued by farmers; and passengers in three buses stranded at Drumgoyne were
sheltered at Killearn Hospital. Twelve school-children had to be found
accommodation in Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland, when drifts stopped their bus"

As reported in the Manchester Guardian booklet "The Long Winter 1962-63"