Synoptic Situation at 0600 05/12/1962              next day

High, 1033mb, centred S Germany little changed and influencing the weather
over the whole of Europe.  Weak front lies from N Iceland, through central
Scandinavia to W Russia with waves moving ESE along it.  Low formed on the
front to W of Ireland, moved north to be just south of Iceland, 988mb.  The
front W of Ireland moved a little west during the period with waves
running along it.

Weather over British Isles:

Dry, except in far W and NW, with widespread fog, day and night.  Winds calm
in the east, light southerly in the west.  Weather varied considerably over
short distances, depending on whether fog persisted.  London Airport
reported dense fog all day with light snow and no sun, whilst Gatwick had
6.2 hrs of sun.  Plymouth 5.5 hrs, Aberporth 5.8 hrs, Culdrose 7.3 hrs, Dyce
2.2 hrs, but most places stayed dull all day with persistent cloud in the W
and NW.  Wettest place was Lerwick, 1mm.

Maxima on the 4th varied widely:  London Airport -3C, Guernsey 11C,
Cardington -2C,  Plymouth 9C, Birmingham 0C, Cardiff 3C,  Carlisle 5C,
Belfast 10C, and 12C at Malin, Belmullet and Valentia.

Minima were generally lower than on previous nights:  Gatwick -10C, Kew -3C,
Mildenhall -11C, Birmingham -8C, Manchester -6C, Cardiff -3C, Newcastle -2C,
Eskdalemuir -4C, Prestwick and Dyce -2C, but further N and W much higher.
Cape Wrath 9C, Lerwick 7C, Belfast 4C, Valentia 8C.

Weather over rest of Europe:

Apart from some rain/snow through central Scandinavia and rain in S Italy,
all areas were dry but often misty or foggy.

Maxima were lowest in Germany, -8C at Munich rising to above zero near the
front in W Russia and parts of Finland, Helsinki 2C, Stockholm 2C, then
below zero further east, Moscow -3C.  In the west Paris 3C, Brussels 5C,
Bordeaux -3C, Madrid 7C.  Highest values were on coast of Portugal, 11 to15C,
and coastal areas of Norway and Iceland 8C.

Minima were below zero over a large part of Europe: -13C in S Germany and
Austria, -5C in Paris, -2C Brussels, 0C Madrid, 0C Stockholm, 1C Helsinki.
The highest values were again along coastal fringes of Norway, 8 to 9C, W
Denmark 6C and coastal Portugal, 2 to 7C.  Coastal stations on Iceland were
2 to 6C.
The lowest reported values were again in N Scandinavia,  -26 to -32C.

Forecast for tomorrow:

Dry and sunny, though hazy,  in many places, but fog persisting in a few
places.  Widespread frost, severe in places.

Some other 1200GMT temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -45C, Murmansk -8C, SW Greenland -5C, Chesterfield -23C,
Goose -2C, Gander 1C, Montreal 2C, New York 2C, Pensacola 8C, Dodge
City 6C, Regina -7C, Calgary 3C (Chinook), Fairbanks -27C and Vancouver 4C.