Synoptic Situation at 0600 06/12/1962   next day

High, 1034mb, stationary Germany.  Low, 980mb, 200 miles W of N Norway,
moving NE with cold front approaching Norwegian coast.  Low, 982mb, mid
Atlantic, slow moving.  Front W of Ireland decaying.

Weather over British Isles:

Cold and foggy in some S and E counties of  England.  Some sunshine in SW
and NW England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  Gatwick 5.9 hrs, Guernsey 7.7
hrs, Bristol 4.9 hrs, Birmingham 5.5 hrs,  Manchester 7.2 hrs, Wick 4.0 hrs,
Lerwick 3.1 hrs, Belfast 5.2hrs, Collinstown 6.3 hrs.  Fog reformed
overnight in several places.  Winds were light from the S over the whole
period and calm in the SE.  Wettest station was Valentia,1mm.

Maximum temperatures again varied widely: London Airport -2C in fog, Gatwick
3C, Guernsey 9C, Scilly 10C, Birmingham 5C, Cardiff 6C, Manchester 9C,
Eskdalemuir 4C, and 9 to 11C over N and W Scotland and all Ireland.

Minimum temperatures were low from S Scotland to the S coast of England:
Eskdalemuir -8C, Dishforth -6C, Manchester 0C, Shawbury -6C, Cardiff -2C,
Ross-on-Wye -7C, Birmingham -8C (-13C grass) Hurn -5C. and Guernsey 4C.
Even in the W temperature were lower than recent nights: Wick 5C, Tiree 7C,
Stornoway 8C and Valentia 8C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

With the high so dominant, most areas were dry with some mist and fog.  The
exceptions was a narrow strip through the N and coastal parts of Scandinavia
near a front.

Maxima were higher than of late except in the far E: Moscow -10C, Warsaw 1C,
Berlin 2C, Brussels 6C, Paris 4C, Madrid 4C and Bordeaux 5C.  The highest
values were on the W coast of Portugal, 11 to 13C, and coast of Norway

Minima were also higher: Berlin -1C, Warsaw 1C, Paris 1C, Brussels 0C,
Madrid 3C, Bordeaux -1C, Nimes -1C.  The lowest values were in S Germany and
Austria, -9 to -13C.  Highest values were seen on the W coast of Norway, 7
to 8C, and W Denmark, 6C.

Forecast for tomorrow:
N and W mostly cloudy and mild.  Persistent freezing fog will continue in
London, but most other areas will have a sunny afternoon and average day
temperatures followed by frost and fog patches.

Some other 1200GMT temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -45C, Murmansk -10C, SW Greenland -6C, Chesterfield -23C,
Goose -14C, Gander -4C, Montreal 1C, New York 7C, Pensacola 11C, Dodge
City -3C, Regina -9C, Calgary 8C (Chinook), Fairbanks -23C and Vancouver 8C.