February 8th 1963

"There was a general thaw except in Scotland, North-east England, and North
Devon, where a sudden reversion prevented the expected flooding of rivers.
Five villages in the Border counties were still cut off and 108 main roads
in Britain remained blocked.  More helicopter flights took place in Northern
Ireland, where farmers prepared to slaughter 1,500 pigs because they had run
out of feeding stuffs.  There was another death"


10th February 1963

"The thaw ended and there was more snow across Southern England, Wales, the
Pennines and Northumberland.  The G.P.O. announced that the demand for
weather information was three times greater than usual.  In Manchester
28,000 people had dialled ASK in January, compared with 8,300 twelve months

As reported in the Manchester Guardian booklet "The Long Winter 1962-63"