Synoptic Situation at 0600 8/12/1962        next day

High, 1037mb, central Europe, moving slowly SE.  Low, 970mb, Iceland, moving
NE. Wave, 992mb, E Scotland, moving rapidly N.  Cold front stretches from S
Irish Sea, through central Scotland , coastal Norway and links with
occlusion over Iceland.

Weather over the British Isles:

Fog affected S and E areas, persisting for much of the daytime.
Cloudy in other areas with moderate to heavy rain in the W and NW.  The
wettest station was Valentia, 43mm.  Other totals: 20mm Belmullet, 22mm
Birr, 26mm Eskdalemuir, 36mm at Renfrew, 5mm at Carlisle, Aberporth 3mm.
Overnight, fog reformed in some S areas.

Maxima:  Gatwick 7C, Bristol 8C, Scilly 10C, Birmingham and Manchester 5C,
Carlisle 8C, Eskdalemuir 7C, Prestwick, Lerwick and Wick 6C, Belfast 4C,
Valentia 7C and Cardiff 9C.

Minima: The first (almost) frost free night for some time.  Gatwick 7C,
Cardington 3C, Birmingham 5C, Cardiff 9C, Manchester 5C, Dishforth -1C,
Eskdalemuir 7C, Belfast 4C, Belmullet 6C and Valentia 7C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

The dry, settled and calm conditions persisted over a wide area with sun and
some mist/fog by day and clear skies at night, again with mist and fog away
from Denmark and W Norway.

Maxima:  Sub-freezing conditions continued in many central areas,
Prague -2C, Munich -3C, Berlin -1C, Belgrade -1C, Dijon -7C, but it was
milder to the E, W and N: Moscow 2C, Riga 5C, Stockholm 3C, Copenhagen 3C,
Paris and Brussels 3C, Bordeaux and Nimes 7C, and Madrid 5C.  N Scandinavia
was cold in the E, -4 to -12, but milder in the W, 4 to 5 on the coast.

Minima:  Central and southern areas saw figures in the range -8 to -17C,
Munich and Prague were both -8C, Vienna -17C, but it was milder to the E, N
and W.  Warsaw and Hamburg 0C, Paris 2C, Brussels 1C, Bordeaux -3C,
Nimes -2C, Madrid -4C.   Warmer air was flooding across Scandinavia with 7C
on the coasts, 5C in Denmark, 0 to -3 in S Sweden, and -8 to -16 in the far
N of Sweden and Norway. Finland -15 to -24C.

Forecast for tomorrow:

Scotland and Ireland - soon showery with strong "squally" winds.  Rain over
other areas will move SE to reach all of England by midnight. Bright periods
and showers will follow.  Temperatures near average, becoming rather cold

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Oimyakon -49C, Verkhoiansk -46C, Murmansk -4C, SW Greenland -4C,
Chesterfield -26C, Goose -6C, Gander -4C, Montreal 3C, New York 1C.
Pensacola -1C, Dodge City 3C, Regina -2C, Fort Smith -21C, Fairbanks -35C
and Vancouver 8C.