Synoptic Situation at 0600 08/02/1963       next day

High, 1036 mb, NE Greenland stationary, with second centre over Scandinavia,
1032 mb.  Low, 988 mb, 400 miles WSW of Valentia moving slowly ENE.  Warm
air has penetrated quickly E over the W Atlantic S of 45 deg. and Atlantic
air has been intruding slowly further N across the Br.Isles, and by tomorrow
the cold easterlies will be confined to the extreme N of Scotland.  Low,
1008 mb, Balearics, stationary.

Weather over the British Isles:

Yesterday's trough had reached central Scotland by 0600. Another was lying
from Stranraer to the Wash by 0600. The mild air pushed slowly N and rain
fell in  the SW but remained as sleet and snow in Birmingham and further NE.
Sun was very limited - only Scilly seeing substantial amounts - 5.6 hrs and
Roches Point 7.0 hrs.

Maxima:  Gatwick 3C, Guernsey 6C, Plymouth 7C, Scilly 11C, Cardiff 2C,
Birmingham 2C, Watnall 1C, Manchester 3C, Newcastle 2C, Dyce 3C, Eskdalemuir
1C, Glasgow 3C, Wick 3C, Lerwick 2C, Tiree 3C, Belfast 3C, Birr 9C and
Valentia 8C.

Minima:  Gatwick 0C, Guernsey 3C, Plymouth -1C, Scilly 5C, Cardiff 0C,
Birmingham 0C, Watnall -1C, Manchester 0C, Newcastle 0C, Dyce 1C,
Eskdalemuir -2C, Glasgow -1C, Wick 1C, Lerwick 1C, Tiree 2C, Belfast 1C,
Birr -1C and Valentia 3C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Cloud, rain and milder air pushed steadily into France and Iberia, and low
pressure in W Russia produced snow over a large area.  Scandinavia was
largely clear and very cold.

Maxima:  Oslo -19C, Stockholm -9C, Helsinki -11C, Murmansk -14C, Tromso -3C,
Leningrad -6C, Moscow -3C, Minsk -5C, Warsaw -4C, Belgrade -1C, Berlin -3C,
Paris 7C, Brussels 4C, Brest 5C, Bordeaux 7C, Madrid 7C, Clermont 7C, Venice
0C and Rome 12C.

Minima:  Oslo -8C and -31C just to the N, Stockholm-8C, Helsinki -15C,
Tromso -6C,  Murmansk -12C, Minsk -9C, Warsaw -4C, Belgrade -9C, Berlin -6C,
Paris 0C, Brussels 2C, Brest 2C, Bordeaux 0C, Madrid -1C, Oran 0C, Nimes 1C,
Venice -7C and Rome 0C.

Forecast:  Scotland will be cloudy with rain and sleet, with snow over high
ground. In SW England, Wales and Ireland a steady thaw will continue with
broken cloud and some sun.  Further rain is likely tonight.  The thaw will
quicken over the rest of England which will be dry with some sun this

Outlook:  Rain at times, but also bright periods and the general thaw will

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -49C, Iceland -1 to +2C, Goose -21C, Gander -12C, Montreal -12C,
Boston -1C, New York 2C, Pensacola 8C, Chicago 1C, Dodge City -2C,
Minneapolis -2C, Regina -3C, Calgary 8C, Fort Smith -9C, Fairbanks -34C and
Vancouver 8C.