Synoptic Situation at 0600 08/01/1963           next day

A belt of high pressure persists across the North Sea from a high, 1032mb,
over E Greenland, to another over E Europe.  Low, 998mb, N of the Azores,
will continue moving ENE and an associated trough will move into Biscay and
W France.  Old trough lies SW Ireland, Brest, through S Germany and Poland
with colder air to the N.  Low, 992mb, just off W Norway is stationary.
Low, 1004mb, Adriatic, stationary.

Weather over the British Isles:

Drier, clearer and colder air was progressing in a S and W direction.
Sunshine was restricted to a few locations, the sunniest being Wittering
5.1hrs, and Birmingham 2.9 hrs.  Only a few coastal showers were reported.

Maxima:  Gatwick 0C, Guernsey 4C, Plymouth 0C, Cardiff 0C, Birmingham -1C,
Watnall 1C, Manchester 2C, Newcastle 4C, Dyce -1C, Eskdalemuir -1C, Glasgow
1C, Wick 1C, Lerwick -1C, Tiree 3C, Belfast 3C, Birr 2C and Valentia 5C.

Minima were lower than of late as skies cleared in a few places:
 Gatwick -4C, Guernsey 3C, Plymouth -2C, St Mawgan -2C, Cardiff -4C,
Birmingham -5C, Watnall -4C, Newcastle 2C, Manchester -4C, Dyce -4C,
Glasgow -3C, Wick -5C, Lerwick -5C, Tiree 0C, Belfast -1C, Birr -1C and
Valentia 3C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

As troughs moved SE, colder air was reintroduced to all N and central

Maxima:  Oslo -17C, Stockholm -11C, Helsinki -8C and down to -23C in central
locations.  Coastal Norway was -2 to -5C in a moderate NW wind.  Moscow -5C,
Minsk -4C, Warsaw -3C, Belgrade 10C, Berlin -1C, Cologne -4C, Brussels -3C,
Paris 1C, Brest 4C, Madrid 1C, Nimes 9C, Venice 9C and Rome 15C.  Iceland 0
to -6C.

Minima:  Oslo -19C, Stockholm -18C, Helsinki -8C and -26C further N.
Coastal stations were 1 to -2C in the S with a gale force NW wind, and -2
to -5C in the N, in calmer conditions.  Minsk -19C, Warsaw -12C, Belgrade
4C, Berlin -8C, Copenhagen -14C, Paris -5C, Brussels 3C, Bordeaux 6C, Madrid
5C, Nimes 5C, Venice 7C and Rome 9C.

Forecast:  Very cold, mostly cloudy and a few snow showers in E districts.
Milder air, with rain, will affect parts of SW areas.
Outlook:  Cold in most areas but milder with rain in the SW and, perhaps, S

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -47C, Murmansk -6C, S and SW Greenland -1 to -4C,
Chesterfield -32C, Goose -3C, Gander -1C, Toronto and Montreal -1C, Boston
1C, New York -1C, Charleston 4C, Pensacola 5C, Dodge City -2C, Calgary
11C(Chinook), Regina 0C, Fort Simpson -26C, Fairbanks -37 and Vancouver 3C.