Synoptic Situation at 0600 9/12/1962           next day

High, 1034mb, SE Europe moving SE.  New high, 1037mb, developed over Iberia.
Low, 960mb, Norwegian Sea is moving ENE.  New low forming Gulf of Genoa.
High 1032mb, mid Atlantic and small low 1014mb, Canaries, moving N.  Cold
front lies from Bordeaux through Baltic Sea to N Sweden and is still moving

Weather over the British Isles:

Rain affected all areas as the cold front moved SE to be followed by rain
showers.  No sun was recorded at most stations, exceptions being Manchester
3 hrs, Carlisle 1.1 hrs, Wick 1.7 hrs.  Showers continued through the night,
turning wintry in parts of the N.  Most places recorded between 5 and 10mm
of rain and the wettest stations were Manchester and Belmullet with 16mm.

Maxima were much higher than recently: Gatwick 10C, Cardiff 13C, Birmingham
11C, Manchester, Dyce and Prestwick 9C, Eskdalemuir and Lerwick 7C, Belfast
and Valentia 11C.

Minima were also higher in the S: Gatwick 6C, Guernsey 8C, Cardiff 6C,
Birmingham 4C, Manchester 5C,  Carlisle 2C, Dyce -1C, Wick  0C, Belfast 2C
and Valentia 9C.  Some N stations recorded a ground frost.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

The stagnant pool of cold surface air was gradually being replaced by
maritime air from the NW.  The cold front gradually introduced higher
surface temperatures.  Rain was confined to a line along the front as it
moved SE over France, Germany and Scandinavia.

Maxima were still sub-zero in central and eastern places: Moscow -6C,
Warsaw -2C, Prague -4C, Zagreb -5C, Belgrade -2C, Bern -6C.  Higher values
were seen to the N and W: Paris 1C, Brussels 6C, Hamburg 5C, Brest 11C,
Nimes 6C, Bordeaux 7C,  Tours 3C and Madrid 4C

Minima:  Values were sub-zero at many S and E stations ahead of the cold
front: Zagreb -11C, Vienna -4C, Prague -9C, Dijon -5C, Nimes -2C and
Madrid -5C.  Near to, or behind the cold front, minima rose: Brest 10C,
Paris and Brussels 6C,  Berlin 3C, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki 4C.  Coastal
stations in Norway reported values in range 5 to 6C, except in the far N,
Tromso -2C.  Iceland had turned much colder -3 to -6C in gale force NE

Forecast for tomorrow:

Sunny periods over England and Wales with clear spells at night with frost
in places.  Showers will still affect the N and W with snow on high ground
in Scotland and generally, rather cold.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -43C, Murmansk -2C, SW Greenland -5C, Thule -40C,
Chesterfield -27C, Goose 3C, Gander 7C,  Montreal 0C, New York 2C, Pensacola
6C, Dodge City 4C, Regina -14C,  Fort Smith -27C, Fairbanks -40C and
Vancouver 8C.