Guardian News Reports

Summary of the Winter by Gordon Manley

23 December Ominous Signs

26 December Sea Freezes at Bournmouth

27 December 10 mile traffic jams

28 December Blizzards in the south west

30 December 200 roads blocked

31 December More deaths result from the cold

1 January More blizzards in the south

2 January Four more deaths were attributable to the weather

3 January Peak District looks like the Alps

4 January Most soccer games postponed

6 January Dynamite used to unblock railway line

7-9 January More soccer postponed

11-14 January cold intensifies

14 January A climatologist's view of winter so far

15-18 January Winter bites harder

Rural Rides 1 in the south west

Rural Rides 2 in the north

Rural Rides 3 in the south east

Ice floes in Bristol Channel 20 January

21-22 January pack ice reported

23-24 January Railways in chaos

25 January 1963 More chaos on the Railways

27-28 January Widespread power failures

1-4 February Snow returns

6-7 February More blizzards

8 February 420 football games postponed so far

8-10 February Thaw?

11-14 February Will the mild air win?

15-17 February Hopes rise

23 Feb-2 March End in sight

5 March 1963 The End