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Murrayfield Ice Skating Club Run Competitions

What events do the Club Run  
   requirements and entry form is now available
For events earlier in  Previous years see end of this page  
Any one who won a Murrayfield open competition trophy from 2015 event should make arrangements to return this to the Club or Murrayfield Ice Rink by 29th March 2016. This is so that we can confirm that they are at the rink prior to the event this May, check them for damage and arrange for repairs as appropriate. It is the winners responsibility to ensure trophies are returned safely.
The Club are still missing a number of our Club and Open competition Trophies from earlier years. These are very expensive to replace.
Can any one who has a Murrayfield Ice Skating Club trophy that was not won in 2014 please return it to the Club/Ice Rink. 
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April  29th (Friday) Murrayfield Ice Skating Club IJS Open Competitions 2016
  to May 4th The events held in 2016 will use the IJS judging system  
  List of Skater, Skating Order, Results  
  Photographs of the event by 
  Practice Ice
  Practice ice is available on a first come first served basis, but should be sufficient for all skaters. See notice for details of the times. David Paterson
  Free entry for Skater and 1Guardian, Registered coaches.
  Day Tickets 
Adults  4.00     Children/Concessions   2.00
  2 Day Tickets 
Adults  6.00     Children/Concessions   3.00
  All Event Tickets  (6 days)
Adults  10.00     Children/Concessions   6.00
  Due to the numbers in some events these have been split based on age as at the closing date.  
  The events affected are :-
FINDLAY for Beginner Girls age 8 and Under, ROSEBURN for Beginner Ladies age  12 and over, GYLEMUIR for Level 2 Ladies and FLORENCE for Level 4 Ladies. See the notice for the details.  These and all the beginner events have been renumbered (see the notice). 
  All Skaters should check their event and endure they are in the correct event based on age and standard as at the closing date of the 4th April 2016.  If we are not notified of any changes prior to the draw it could result in you being unable to skate on the day. As per the rules there are no refunds now that the closing date has passed.  
  The electronic draw will take place on the evening of Friday 23rd April 2016  
Friday 29th April  to
Monday 2nd May
Single & Pair skating including Beginners, Short and Long Programs.
Singles (IJS)   Beginners (IJS)
  Entry Form, Regulations and Program Content Form  
Tuesday 3rd  to
Wednesday 4th
Solo & Couples Ice Dance including Beginners, Pattern, Short and Free Dance.
Singles (IJS)   Beginners (IJS)
  NOTE. Some dance may be on the evening of Monday 2nd May 2016 depending on number of entries.  
    IMPORTANT - when sending application forms
Please do NOT send applications by a method that requires a signature. We cannot guarantee that there will be someone around to provide a signature. This includes tracker options as this method requires a signature.  This will result in the entry being retained by the delivery company and it will require to be collected at a later date. If we are required to collect an entry there may be an administration fee of 15.00.This could delay the receipt of the application and could result in the application being.
There is no facility for paying electronically All applications must be posted.
  If you include an e-mail address on the application form the application will be acknowledged after it has been, received and we have had time to process it.
Please do not use work email addresses
  Apart from the already specified days above we will not be able to advise which events will be on which days until after the closing date.   
Sunday 15th May Closing Date for entries to the MISC UK Skate Competitions.  
  2016 2015   2014  2013   2012   
For other open competitions and championship dates see News & Events 
Sunday 5th June MISC UK Skate  Competitions - Events for members & non Members
  These Competitions are open BOTH to Club Members and Non-Members who are patrons of Murrayfield Ice rink or Murrayfield Ice Skating Schools.   

Photographs of the skaters
  Free entry for Skater and 1Guardian  
Adults 2.00         Children/Concessions 1.00

Murrayfield ISC members enter free when signing in
  List of Skaters
Including Skating Order
  All Skaters should check the list of skaters to ensure they are in the correct competition and that spelling of their name is correct. If not or your name is missing, email with any amendments. Before the draw  
Entry Form