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Wednesday Night Group

On alternate Wednesdays through the season, we have an extra meeting, which takes place in the back room of NVH, accessed down the right hand side of the building.  The programme is decided upon at the previous year’s AGM with everyone having their say over what should be included and when it should happen and then one person puts it all together.  We welcome anyone from the main club and it doesn’t cost anything except your tea money.  We aim to be very democratic and friendly and there’s always time for chat during the evening. 

We usually run 3 or 4 digital only competitions – titles chosen by the members- which are scored by 3 judges again chosen on the night from whoever is there and happy to try judging.  After the scores are in we then own up to our pictures and we all comment on why we like them, hopefully giving some constructive advice. 

We have some workshop evenings, run by someone in the group, and these may be specifically aimed at beginners.  We take along spare, old laptops so everyone can have a go.  We don’t do lectures for this group as it’s meant to be hands-on and practical. 

We set specific themes for everyone to try over the Summer break and then there will be evenings set aside to look at our successes or failures


25th Sept

Critique night-bring 10 images on memory stick for constructive, friendly, helpful advice from members of this small group

9th Oct

Portrait session: BQ will supply lights and backdrops.  Bring your camera, tripod, flash if you have them.  We will be experimenting and taking photos of the members.

23rd Oct

Competition: Windows.  Send your 4 images to  at least 24 hours in advance.  If you do not have email you must give titles to Diana before the meeting.

6th Nov

Before and after: You will have had 3 images to play with.  Bring your variations on a memory stick

20th Nov

Competition: Water.  
Send to at least 24 hours in advance.

4th Dec

Challenge night-You must have taken 6 images -one a month on a theme of your choice from May to October.  Bring on night.

15th Jan

Mono tutorial:  Paul will be demonstrating use of Nik software and Topaz. 

29th Jan

Holiday snaps - a rerun of last year's acclaimed evening.  Bring 10-20 images and be prepared to talk about them.  These are not meant to be award winning -just what you take when away on holiday.

12th Feb

Competition: Close-up.  Send to 24 hours in advance.

26th Feb

How it was done:  Bring a successful image and show how it was achieved from the original through all the alterations.

12th Mar

Competition: Industrial landscape.  Send to 24 hours in advance.

26th Mar

Critique night: Bring images on memory stick for helpful advice.

9th Apr

AGM: come with ideas for next season's programme.


We’d love you to come even if it is not to every meeting – normal start time of 7.45pm and if you are unsure what’s on , then contact Diana.