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Ship and Unit Reunions, provide an opportunity to share a tot, with old friends and shipmates. Inevitably after a wet or two, inclination turns to song. If anybody would like to record any of those song sessions and send a copy of the tape to me. I would be very grateful. (All indiscretions edited out.) As we are very short of real evidence of this type.

This in mind and following several requests, I am pleased to provide a link to individual reunion and association websites. If yours is not here, drop me a line. Please note this is not a diary, the Navy News provides that facility but a directory to websites..


Please Inform us if Links malfunction

Held every year at the Royal Court Hotel  Coventry   in the third week of September
   HMS Cleopatra 28th AGM and Reunion Will be at ?

   HMS Fisgard
   HMS Highflyer (1942-1943)   http://www.
   HMS Invincible - Comms (Falklands)



 HMS Lowestoft
Annual Reunion
17-19 Oct 2014 at Royal Beach Hotel, Southsea.

   HMS Resolution
See link for reunion information- Held I believe annually in  March.



To Other Sites

If looking for a particular song, ask us, or you may find the following useful. But remember very few of them concern themselves with the usage of the song, but are more concerned with its existence. Should you therefore find your song, also let us know if it was used in the RN . The following are listed (in no particular order) and may prove useful to your search. SEE SEARCH TIPS BELOW

Mudcat Cafe

A quality site for discussion about particular lyrics


Traditional Music in Schools - The publishers of an interesting resource book, 'Bold Nelson's Praise' which provides background information on the songs and naval customs of the Nelson period. Of interest is hard to find details of the Sailors Hornpipe and how to make Sailors Costume etc.

Navy News

The Navies own newspaper - which has a letters page and an 'over to you' column

Maritime History
Shep Woolley
Naval Folk Singer and Entertainer -
Researching Military History
The Military Genealogy site, may prove to be of interest to you - It claims to be the ONLY site where you can find military records for over 2 million British Armed Forces personnel exclusively cross matched with over 4000 Regiments, Bases and Ships of the British Armed Forces going back to before 1630, making your genealogy task much easier and more complete.

Some Tips on Finding a Song.

If you are searching for a particular song or set of lyrics. - Please don't hesitate to drop me a line. However on occasions it is nice to see what others may have to say about such a song. - This can be done in a number of ways - At your search engine -

  1. Put the first line of your song or chorus between inverted commas i.e. "His trumpet blows loudly"
    - If this is not successful - try changing the words to exclude any starting words like The - Their, Our, His etc.
    - Also the end word loudly is better inserted as loud - which covers both options.
    - therefore try "trumpet blows loud"
  2. If your search gets too many hits - Try adding Song or Lyrics etc. to your search.
  3. If you are after tunes try adding - Tune, midi etc.
  4. Still no joy, look at what you know, there may be a chorus - try the first line of that.
  5. Tiles of songs are often set on the theme or the last line so have a play there i.e. The Loud Trumpet.
  6. Twist the knowledge a bit and substitute Drum or Bugle for Trumpet. You never know what will turn up. - The Drum plays Loudly


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