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To request a song or contribute to the project. etc. etc. - Please -

Contact Me
It is the intention, in inviting contact from readers that we might give as well as receive. If I am to help readers with their missing verses, I need your input to help preserve them, soplease tell me of even the simplist fragment or verse and where and when it was sung,. -

Similarly to insure that each contributor is credited in the work. It is necesary to comment on the validity of those supplying details.  


      • Please Quote your Name.
      • Service Number (If you will)
      • When Served
      • Where the song was first heard or remembered from
      • Where and why you sang it

If you are writing on behalf of somebody else who served, please make this clear.

E-Mail -

Snail Mail - Write
All contributions - comments - criticisms on this site are welcomed, and all letters will be replied to.

I am particularly interested in memories relating to the use of these song in helping you work?
Alternatively if you have songs to share and can record them on tape I would be ecstatic with joy - As this will enable me to recover lost tunes etc. All tapes and documents returned etc.
I am also interested in any original manuscript books or song sheets, in which that you have recorded similar songs. (Please don't send such items through the post, before speaking to me first.)

All corespondence to be addressed to -

Mr B.E. Scott, 16 Hendford, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1TE

This Address is a retail shop. Personal callers are always welcome, just drop in. (Except Wedensdays). I would be very pleased to personnally meet anyone who calls - Though I do regret, that often I am very busy.

Telephone - (Evenings)  

01935 425603

Need A Song
If you are searching for the missing lyrics or tune of a particular Naval Ditty song - Then try me, providing as much information as possible - If I can't immediately help then I will post the request on the fragments page to see if any one else can assist. - We have a very good sucess rate.

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