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If you live in the South West - (i.e between Portsmouth - London - Bristol - Plymouth etc.) and would like to hear a talk on these songs then please contact me, though I stress I do have limited availability due to pressure of work

Sorry - Sample not currently Available!

The Talks -
A poster is available to advertise the event. - No charge is necesarily made, except where travelling distant is high but a donation or collection for charity is requested.

To assist in providing atmosphere, I appear in 19th century sailors costume.

There is a choice of different talks each illustrated with relevant songs,

  • Come Aboard the Barky - a two hour illustration of the history of music in the Royal Navy,
    We briefly coverthe use of song from the16th century to work ship, cerimonial and entertainment - taken from the viewpoint of the lowerdeck sailor.
  • Working Songs of the Royal Navy - a one hour illustration.
  • Sods Opera - One hour of WW2 Navy Songs

E-Mail -

All contributions - comments - criticisms on this site are welcomed, and all letters will be replied to.

I am particularly interested in memories relating to the use of these song in helping you work?
Alternatively if you have songs to share and can record them on tape I would be ecstatic with joy - As this will enable me to recover lost tunes etc. All tapes and documents returned etc.
I am also interested in any original manuscript books or song sheets, in which that you have recorded similar songs. (Please don't send such itemsthrough the post, before speaking to me first.)

All corespondence to be addressed to -

Mr B.E. Scott, 16 Hendford, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1TE

This Address is a retail shop. Personal callers are always welcome, just drop in. (Except Tuesdays). I would be very pleased to personnally meet anyone who calls - Though I do regret, that often I am very busy.

Need A Song
If you are searching for the missing lyrics or tune of a particular Naval Ditty song - Then try me, providing as much information as possible - If I can't immediately help then I will post the request on the fragments page to see if any one else can assist. - We have a very good sucess rate.


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