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Articles and Interesting Downloads
As with other pages I hope there will lots to interest the visitor.

Advice for The Day of Defiance - Michael Mc Fadden
The Truth is a Lie - Passan
The Freedom2Choose Flyer

The Irony Overdose - Ellen North
Tim Paton's Opinion

Who Voted How
Smoking/Cancer Map of Europe

Health Commitee Efforts against GCSE Marking Scheme
Supplementary evidence to MSPs from ASH & Tobacco Manufacturers(v. interesting stats from TMA)
Here's the Solution NEW
Here's some to get you thinking:
Comments against sources quoted in the Health Committee Report - updated 13/9/06
The Birth of a Ban from Scotlands Press - ongoing project
ASH claimed 49% wanted no smoking and You Gov said 71% Office of National Statistics proves the LIE - its only 33% read the full report and my comment to a couple of the papers
Under-18s will smoke whatever the law -By Andrew O'Hagan with lots more sensible stuff
The Lord's Press Release -June 2006 Criticism of Smoking Ban + ASH Press Release re the Lord's Statement and MY Thoughts
The Full Report and a published comment Risk vs. Liberty by John Luik
ASH evidence to the Health Committee
Smoke and Mirrors -"The law banning smoking in public places is the culmination of one of the most successful social change campaigns in recent years" by Deborah Arnott and Ian Willmore of ASH -- or how to con a government!!! Also on this site
The Health Bill -Biased by design updated 21/7/2006 AND an excerpt Consultation Bias
A simple ETS calculation - do bans kill?
Department of Health Response to my Query about ETS in the Home
Bans increase ETS exposure at home
Do ASH give mis-leading information plus 'easier read' version
Premature Death of a British Institution
Applause for the Government
Memorandum by Professor Roger Scruton (SP 57) 'Social' Evidence to the Health Committee - ignored!
Then comes ASH denunciation -
Roger Scruton high priest philosopher of the libertarian right defrocked and exposed as ‘grimy hack’ for tobacco industry and WSJ Tobacco Columnist Had Tobacco Ties [02/05-2] - But isn't all anti-tobacco research paid for by anti-tobacco money!!!!!


Items from the States - Got a light? , Too Much Fire About Smoking & Is everything a crime now? from the Cato Institute Growth in number of smoke-free restaurants shows no need for law from South Carolina
Diane Glass: Secondhand smoke vs. other hazards of life from the Seattle Times

Tom Utley from the Daily MailSept 8
Ban aid: The surgeon general hypes the hazards of secondhand smoke By Jacob Sullum July 5, 2006
Interfering Holyrood is assembling a totalitarian jigsaw
-Smoking ban: The debate isn't about health. It's about the limits of government power
Killing the passive smoking debate By Michael Fumento (07/06/2006)
Talking science, but walking politics by Craig Westover, a writer who lives in Afton, blogs at craigwestover. blogspot.com. His e-mail address is westover4@yahoo.com.
Banishing the blues could cut the chances of cancer - 23 June 2003 -"Startlingly, this study found getting a long-term depression increased your chances of getting cancer more than taking up smoking! " - "Previously, doctors had found being a depressed smoker increased your chances of getting cancer more than just being a smoker "

Devious claptrap paid for from your taxes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the only truth you need to know about anti-smoking tactics