Saturn Family 25
In 2002 I decided that it was time to sell my faithful little Orkney and retire from the sea to the more tranquil inland waterways. My wife has always had a preference for seeing both banks at once, so I embarked on a virtual voyage of discovery looking for a suitable boat, a cross between my desire for a TSDY and her choice of a floating caravan!

Letting my fingers do the walking, I soon found the on-line brokers. It was quickly obvious that they fell into two categories, those who maintained their own  web sites and updated them regularly, and those who didn’t! Some of them hadn’t been updated for months and among these were some very upmarket organisations !!

I spent quite a lot of time making a short list.....OK then.....quite a long list of desirable vessels for sale in my price range then started emailing and ‘phoning  for further details. The majority had been sold !! My short list really was. Next....find out about the boats left.

Now the going got tough. Coming up with the details of my chosen few was not easy. I am extremely grateful to those people who have taken the time to create web pages about their pride and joy and make the facts available to all. You can find links to some of them below.

My choice, however, was not a Norman or a Birchwood, etc. I found a Saturn 25 named “Tinally” and while I quickly established the manufacturer and found an old magazine article from July 1991 when she was reviewed by “Canal & Riverboat”, there wasn’t much else. Here then, is my contribution for anyone else with an interest in this model. I’ll try and provide as much information as I can on my pride and joy and hope it is of some interest to you!

I’d be delighted to hear from other owners  and if anyone has any questions about this vessel I’ll do my best to answer them. Thumbnailed images on this site open at a resolution suitable for dial-up users at 56K. In most cases Broadband users can click “Hi-res” to get a superior image !! May I suggest pressing the F11 key now  for a better viewing experience !
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