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Welcome to my website on the local history of NE Scotland!

My name is Colin Milne and I am a native of Aberdeen, Scotland. I have had a keen interest in local history for many years and as well as pursuing my own family history I have done research in a number of other areas. As a result I have amassed a collection of books, articles, photos and assorted data which you might find of interest. So I would like to extend a warm Scottish welcome to you all. Come in and have a look around...

For those of you new to my site I would recommend that you select the contents button now for further details of my pages. However if you are too impatient to wait here are a few of the highlights!

bulletPictures and details of many local graveyards
bulletArticles from local newspapers & journals
bulletExtracts from antiquarian books
bulletDetails of my ancestors
bulletLocal pictures of interest
bulletAnd finally - details of my book!

This site is far from static. Every month there are new additions (see below), so there is always something new to discover. I usually have at least one series of articles in progress along with a selection of other bits and pieces.

If you are a new visitor I hope you will come back again. To my many regular visitors, thanks for your continued support and kind words. Thanks also for all the feedback I have received. A number of features have been incorporated as a result of these. Further constructive comments are always welcome. You can e-mail me here

Finally a number of visitors have asked me about permission to use material from the site and other legal things. In order to clarify this you will find the terms and conditions of use on my contents page.

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LATEST ADDITIONS - February 2015

Another war memorial for your interest this month. This one is located on the edge of Auchenblae, raised by the people of the Fordoun district. A beautiful stone in a beautiful location. See it now on my War Memorials page.

This month we continue the story of the scandal that enveloped Nellfield Cemtery in 1899 when it is thought that up to 300 graves were destroyed or interfered with in some way. There are more names again this month so if you suspect you have ancestors buried there prior to this date then it would be worth checking these out. Be warned, this might be an uncomfortable read for some. You'll find the story so far on my Odds & Ends 2 page.

You may remember that I featured a lovely school photo (King Street) last month - courtesy of Malcolm Watson who not only supplied the photo but all the names as well. This month I feature a second photo from Malcolm - this time it's Kirton of Skene from the 1930's. His father-in-law George Sey is in this one. I hope you'll give it a look - it's a particularly splendid country school photo. You'll find it on my school photos page. Thanks again Malcolm for sharing these. 


So far we've managed to avoid any snow in Aberdeen so I'm hoping it stays that way. The days are short (though it's beginning to stretch) and we just have to make the best of it. Soon we'll have some garden bulbs to cheer us up - my snowdrops are already out!

Well that's it for now. Don't forget there's updates every month so remember and check back!

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Colin A Milne