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Welcome to my website on the local history of NE Scotland!

My name is Colin Milne and I am a native of Aberdeen, Scotland. I have had a keen interest in local history for many years and as well as pursuing my own family history I have done research in a number of other areas. As a result I have amassed a collection of books, articles, photos and assorted data which you might find of interest. So I would like to extend a warm Scottish welcome to you all. Come in and have a look around...

For those of you new to my site I would recommend that you select the contents button now for further details of my pages. However if you are too impatient to wait here are a few of the highlights!

bulletPictures and details of many local graveyards
bulletArticles from local newspapers & journals
bulletExtracts from antiquarian books
bulletDetails of my ancestors
bulletLocal pictures of interest
bulletAnd finally - details of my book!

This site is far from static. Every month there are new additions (see below), so there is always something new to discover. I usually have at least one series of articles in progress along with a selection of other bits and pieces.

If you are a new visitor I hope you will come back again. To my many regular visitors, thanks for your continued support and kind words. Thanks also for all the feedback I have received. A number of features have been incorporated as a result of these. Further constructive comments are always welcome. You can e-mail me here

Finally a number of visitors have asked me about permission to use material from the site and other legal things. In order to clarify this you will find the terms and conditions of use on my contents page.

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Two more local photos to enjoy. This month I've chosen villages as my theme. Have a look at Kirton of Durris and Auchenblae, as you would have found them in the 1960's. Note the distinct lack of cars! Have a look at these fascinating glimpses of yesteryear in my Local Photos page.

It's been a long time since I've added some local humour to my pages. So this month, thanks to my elder daughter finding an old local history book, I've included a few. If you don't understand them then you'll need to seek out an Aberdonian to explain them to you!  Find these new gems on my Humour page!

Another two gravestones for my Strays page. These are monuments to those whose resting place may not be in the area they were associated with during their lives. Is your ancestor waiting to be discovered? Some have already been lucky and found long lost relatives - perhaps it'll be your turn next!


Well we're now officially on BST (British Summer Time). That means much longer days and if the weather is good, pleasant evenings in the garden pulling out the odd weed and mowing the grass. That's what I do of course, it may mean something different to you!

That's it for another month. Remember that I have regular updates, so don't forget to check back. Till we meet again, take care.

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Colin A Milne