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Newspaper Articles - A useful source of Information about your Ancestors...


Items from local newspapers can bring to life events of long ago. During my research into the fisherfolk of Kincardineshire I came across many such articles. The discovery of your distant ancestors in this way is a thrill that you never forget. Suddenly its no longer just a story - its part of your history. Check out the following newspaper pages. Are your relatives mentioned? Only one way to find out, start reading!

The Aberdeen Journal, Monday, May 6, 1776

William Nisbet and Son - Have opened a School in the Castlegate of Aberdeen; where they teach Architecture, and Drawing in all its Branches; Landscapes, Flowers, Figures &c. The Hours of Attendance are for young Ladies at 3 o'clock Afternoon, and for young Gentlemen at 12 o'clock Noon, and 6 o'clock in the Evening; for Tradesmen and Apprentices who cannot attend thro' the Day, at 7 o'clock in the Evening.

Ladies and Gentlemen, who incline to be taught privately may be waited on in their own Lodgings.

Noblemen and Gentlemen, who incline to have their Estates surveyed, and accurate Plans thereof extended and ornamented; or who want Directions for inclosing, subdividing, and draining, according to the Nature of the Soil, and Situation of the Ground, may be faithfully served on reasonable Terms by WILLIAM NISBET: who will likewise undertake to give such as will employ him, a Plan of a House, after viewing the Ground where it is to be built, which by a proper Disposition of the Doors, Windows, and Vents, shall be quite free from Smoke, in any Situation, whatsoever.

NOTICE - That the Creditors of the deceased JOHN GRUB, Tide-waiter in Stonehaven, are intreated to meet in the House of George Scolla, Vintner there, upon the 16th instant, at Eleven o'clock before Noon, in order to concert Measures for their Payment; and in the mean Time to lodge Notes of their Claims with Robert Burness, Writer in Stonehaven.

For Sale by Public Roup - In the House of Joseph Mitchell, Vintner at the Sign of the Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, upon Saturday the 1st of June next, betwixt the Hours of 3 and 4 o'clock Afternoon.

The HULL of a fine new SLOOP, now on the Stock's in James Bruce, Shipbuilder's Yard at Footdee: burden 46 Tons Carpenters Measure, may carry about 55 Tons dead Weight, when moderately loaded. The outside Oak Plank 2 Inches thick, and perfectly well bound every Way. By her Construction she has the appearance to be a fast Sailer, and well calculated for any coasting Trade. Mr Bruce being soon after the Sale to go abroad, and Shipbuilder who inclines setting up Business at Aberdeen may have the Opportunity of purchasing his whole Utensils necessary for carrying on that Business, and some Remains of Wood as Stock, on very reasonable Terms.

Those who incline to purchase may apply to himself or his Brother at the Yard, where also any Person who would choose a private Bargain for the Sloop before the Roup will be treated with.

Grass Parks to Let - On Saturday the 11th curt, exactly at Ten o'clock Forenoon, there will be let on Ground by Roup, A PARK of GRASS at the Stocket, containing Six Acres, well watered and fenced. The Park is on the right Hand, leading to Provost Duff's Parks. Any Person inclining to take it, may attend at the Roup, or apply to Alexander Milne, Merchant in the Broadgate, Aberdeen.

Materials of Houses to be Sold - That upon Saturday first, the Eleventh Day of May current, there are to be sold by public Roup, within the House of Andrew Gray, Merchant at the Upper-Kirkgate Port of Aberdeen, The whole Materials of Stone, Bricks, Tyles, Wood, and Iron, of two Comb-Shops, and a Stove. The Roup will begin precisely at Ten o'clock. And at same Time will be sold, by Virtue of a Warrant from the Magistrates of Aberdeen, A GOLD REPEATING WATCH.

Any Person wanting to see the Materials or the Watch, may apply to Arthur Dingwall Fordyce, Advocate in Aberdeen, Factor for the Trustees.

NOTICE - All Persons who are indebted to the deceased JOHN STITCHELL, late Merchant in Huntly, are hereby desired to pay in or remit what they owe him to Alexander Smith, Merchant in Huntly, his Executor, betwixt this and the first Day of June next to come, otherwise they will be prosecute as the Law directs: As also all Persons to whom the said John Stitchell is indebted, are desired to give their Claims, as aforesaid, so that they may be ranked accordingly. Not to be repeated.