Aberdeen Folk



A Few Tales of Aberdeen Folk...


Aberdonian Economy

Quite good-naturedly, as they can well afford to do, Aberdonians accept the distinction of being the very embodiment of Scottish thrift, and are as amused as any at the many humourous illustrations of the famous propensity.

The following item, which appeared in the "Notes by the Way" column of a Perthshire weekly newspaper not very long ago, illustrates the trend of wit:-

"There is great trouble brewing in Aberdeen (says a correspondent).  The tram fares have been reduced, and people who walked in order to save a penny are now only saving a half-penny.  The situation is serious."


A Buchan Hercules

A Buchan youth who had found employment of a kind in Liverpool bethought himself of entering the police force.  A schedule of application having been obtained, his physical characteristics were duly filled in, and as he came from Buchan, these were exceptionally satisfactory.

Called for further examination before the Chief, he was thus addressed - "Well, my man, physically you're all right, but I should like to know something about your other qualifications such as your tact and judgement.  For instance, how would you disperse a mob in Liverpool?"

"Weel," said the Buchan Hercules, "I dinna ken foo I'd disperse a mob in Liverpool, but gin it wis in Aiberdeen I'd jist tak' roon the hat."


A Cheap Dinner

An Aberdonian on his way to Wembley met a friend, to whom he confided his purpose.  "Weel," said his friend, "if ye get tae London, be shure taw gang tae 'Such-and-such' a restaurant for yer denner.  Ye'll get it there for ninepence."

On the tourist's return the two again met, and the visitor to London at once began to expatate on the wonders of Wembley.

"But," said his friend, interrupting him, "Did ye gang for yer denner tae that restaurant I tauld ye aboot?"

"Ay, did I."

"An' did ye get yer denner for ninepence?"

"Ninepence?  I got if for seevenpence.  I found tippence ablow the plate."


Around the Fireside
by Rev T McWilliam

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