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Sentences on Offenders

The following are a few extracts of sentences passed for breaches of the acts and ordinances of the (Guild) craft:-

At Aberdeen, 27th February 1694 - In presence of Adam Mark, deacon, the said traid ordained that George Wright should have no voice amongst the traid until the deacon did get amends for abusing him, when he was going about to furnish a man to their majesties' service at the time, conform to the magistrates order, and denied the deacon assistance when required, and there upon the deacon required to act.

31st December, 1702 - The said day the traid by voyce of court stute and ordained that John Scott, plumer, have no voyce airt nor pairt among the wright and coupar traid in tyme coming until he suplicat the traid, and give satisfaction for taking brybs and connivieng with unfreemen, divulging the traid's secrets contrair to his oath, and thereupon the deacon took instruments.

At Trinity Hall, the thirteenth day of October, 1704, in presence of John Findlay, deacon, compeared John Watson, John Youngson, William Pirie, John Kempt, Patrick Gray, John Mair, and George Gray, and submitted themselves to the court of the Wright and Coupar Trade for their abuse therein in contravening and vilipending the deacon and other mis-demeanours. And the trade having considered the circumstances of the matter they ordain John Watson and John Youngson to crave the convener, deacon, and traid's pardon, and ordains William Pirie, John Kemp, Patrick and George Gray, and John Mair, each of them to pay two pounds scots and to crave pardon also. And that ilk ane of them bind themselves to the paine in all time coming for their peaceable behaviour under the failzie of six pounds scots, by an attour extrusion. And ordains public satisfaction to be given, and the refusers thereof to have no voyce or concern in the traid until this present act be fulfilled.

18th June, 1706 - The said day anent the complaint given in against James Robertson, wright, for his contumecy to the Deacon Convener and his unmannerlyness to the Deacon and Court in contempt of their respective authority, and the court considering the same, they do by thir presents expell and debarr him from the court meetings or concern of the said trade, and fixes and americates him in twenty shillings scots toties quoties until pardon be sought and granted from the deacon and trade, and ordains this act to stand unalterable.

16th June, 1706 - The said day anent the complaint given in by the whole court against Alexander Anderson, wright, for his disobedience the deacon's commands as their officer and public servant of the traid, and for his breach of his oath of admission, and several other unchristian faults; and the court considering the same and being well known to them, they do hereby fine and amerciate him in the sum of ten merks scots for his faults of law, and also herby debarrs and excludes him being a member of this court or traid or from voting or sharing in their concerns in all tyme hereafter. And herby ordains that no member of this court converse with him as their neighbour or a member of his family in respect of his perjury. and ordains this act to stand unalterable until the fine be paid, and the highest of satisfaction given.

1st August, 1701 - The said day Alexander Burnet, coupar, was amerciate in fourty shilling scots conform to the act in the books for saying to the deacon in a fenced court when he civilie socht his poynd, "the divell tak' it from him." And ordains the fine to be paid, and the court's pardon obtained before he get a voyce.

11th August, 1707 - The said day the whole trade excludes and debarrs Alexander Annand, wright, for his robbing and endeavouring to tear in pieces ane bond belonging to the trade in face of court, and in contempt of their authority, from having any voyce or concern in courts or meetings until he make satisfaction to the trade, and undergo whatever they shall inflict upon him for such an intollerable cryme.

Merchant and Craft Guilds - A History of The Aberdeen Incorporated Trades
By Ebenezer Bain

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