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The Peterhead Almanac and Buchan Directory 1865



Occupation Address
Dalrymple, Frederick Fishcurer 42 Queen Street
Daniel, William Inspector of Poor Queen Street West
Daniel, George Carter 4 Charlotte Street
Darg, Andrew Carpenter 25 Merchant Street
Darg, J., Shipmaster 37-3 Queen Street
Davidson, Alex (late of Ceylon) 14 Kirk Street
Davidson, James   8 Albion Street
Davidson, Alexander Flesher 12 Broad Street, h 21 St Peter Street
Davidson, Chas., Seaman 5 Ugie Street
Davidson, John Jun., Flesher 27 Broad Street
Davidson, James Shoemaker Marischal Street
Davidson, John Sen., Flesher Marischal St, h 3 Ugie Street
Davidson, Robert Spirit Dealer Queen Street
Dawson, R Cooper 9-3 Backgate
Dawson, G Cooper 17-1 Backgate
Deans, Andrew Shoemaker Rose Street, h 2 Errol Street
Dick, Robertson Merchant 11 St Andrew Street
Dickie, Wm., Fishcurer 6 Weaver Lane
Diverall, James Seaman 3 Queens Street
Diverall, Wm., G., Joiner 13 Kirk Street
Divine, Rev. Charles   27 St Peter Street
Dougal, Wm., Seaman 13 Albion Street
Dow, William Carter 5-2 Albion Street
Duff, Sergt-Major Musketry Instructor 70 Marischal Street
Duffus, Wm., Carter 10 Maiden Street
Edwards, Mrs Broker & Outfitter 4 Union Street
Emslie, Alex Carpenter 21 Merchant Street
Emslie, Mrs   6 Seagate
Ewen, Mrs David   22 North Street
Ewen, J Shipowner 27 Jamaica Street
Ewen, David Late Inspector of Poor 27 St Peter Street
Farquharson, William Mason 22 Errol Street
Ferguson, Alexander Coppersmith 6 Charlotte Street
Finnie, Robert Tailor 23 Jamaica Street
Finnie, James Tailor 39 Maiden Street
Florence, George Blacksmith 3 Castle Street
Florence, James Boatbuilder 6 Chapel Street
Forbes, Stephen Shipbuilders Bridge Street
Forbes, James Druggist 30 Broad Street
Forbes, Keith Solicitor 5 Lodge Walk h 13 Merchant Street
Forbes, A Shipbuilder Wallace Street
Forrest, J Blacksmith 14 Kirk Street
Forrest, J Sailmaker 23 Castle Street
Forrest, J Blacksmith 3 Albion Street
Forrest, Thomas Carter 4-2 Errol Street h 5
Forrest, William Shoemaker 9 Maiden Street
Fowler, William Blacksmith 10 Rose Street
Fraser, A Cooper 8-1 Queen Street
Fraser, David Architect 7 Weaver's Lane
Fraser, D Shipmaster 7 Weaver's Lane
Fraser, George Painter 30 Harbour Street h 5 Kirk Street
Fraser, John Clerk 51 Maiden Street
Fraser, Misses   9 St Andrew Street
Gairns, John R Station Agent 12 Queen Street
Gamack, William Solicitor 30 & 31 Jamaica Street
Galletly, Rev Wm   18 St Peter Street
Geddes, John Pilot 56 Roanheads
Gibson, Alexander Tinsmith 29 Harbour Street, h 46 Maiden Street
Gibson, W Wright 59 Marischal Street
Giles, John Carpenter 1 Rose Street
Gordon, Alexander   60 Broad Street
Gordon, Wm Flesher 21 Longate
Goodall, William Tailor 2-2 St Andrews Street
Gray, Roderick   Broad Place
Gray, Mrs   7 Castle Street
Gray, D Shipmaster 14 Harbour Street
Gray, William Slater 51 Queen Street
Gray, Miss & Miss Pringle   15 St Andrew Street
Grant, Robert Carter Cairntrodllie
Grant, William Corn Merchant 8 Ugie Street
Grant, Miss Janet House-Proprietor 26 Backgate
Gregory, Miss   40 Queen Street
Gregory, Donald Shipmaster 27 St Peter Street
Greig, James Wright 37 Kirk Street
Grieg, Alex., Tailor 6 Marischal Street
Greig, James Carter 6-2 Longate
Greig, Wm Baker 9 Rose Street, h 8
Greig, Wm Carpenter Wallace Street
Groat, John Pilot 5 Bath Street
Guthrie, Alexander Slater 15 St Peter Street
Hacket, William Baker 87 Longate, h 89
Hay, John Merchant & Stoneware Dealer 4 Chapel Street, h 9 Back Street
Hay, Charles Seaman 24 Keith Street
Hay, Mary-Ann Merchant & Spirit-dealer h 41 and shop 42 Kirk Street
Hay, A Merchant 10 Longate, h 8
Hay, William Corn Merchant 13 Maiden Street, h 24
Hay, Francis Tinsmith 5 Marischal Street
Hay, Thomas Watchmaker 50 Marischal Street, h 49
Hay, Forbes Tailor Broad Place
Hay, Alex., Shoemaker 26 & 27 St Andrew Street
Hay, James Shoemaker 12 St Andrew Street, h 13
Henderson, George Inspector of works & nuisances 38 Maiden Street
Henderson, Peter Cartwright 1 & 2 Backgate
Henderson, Jas., Painter 14 Broad Street, h 30 Maiden Street
Henderson, D Teacher 43 Kirk Street
Henderson, Thomas Shipmaster 7, 1 Shiprow
Henderson, Mrs J,   32 Maiden Street
Henry, Chas., Bookseller 59 Broad Street, h 21-22 Queen Street
Henry, Mrs Lodgings 27-2 Queen Street
Henry, Margaret, Teacher 2 Thistle Street

Suburbs of Peterhead

Mackie, J Schoolmaster Schoolhouse, Boddam
Mess, J Farmer Easter Barnyards
Mess, George Farmer Coplandhill
Milne, J Farmer Middle Barnyards
Mitchell, Alex Farmer Seafield
Mitchell, George Farmer Cowhills
Mitchell, J   Gateside of Cocklaw
Morrison, Alex. Farmer Eastertown of Clerkhill
Morrison, Wm. Farmer Lochside
Morris, J Farmer Meadowbank
Murray, Hugh Farmer Buckie
Murray, George Farmer Waterside
Mutch, Robert Farmer Balmoor
M'Donald, A   Stirlinghill Quarries
M'Glashan, John Manager of Invernettie Granite Works Mile-end


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