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Donations and Bequests to the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen

Year Name Merks
1644 Sir Thomas Crombie of Kemnay 500
  Geo Roberston, son of H Robertson, cordiner 100
  Jean Guild 150
  Rev John Gregory, Drumoak, Jean Guild's son-in-law 100
  Jane Spence Herald 150
  William Gray, elder 100
  Walter Cochrane, baillie 50
  Gilbert Hervie, burgess 50
  Robert Ferguson 100
  Andrew Burnett 100
  George Peacock 150
  Patrick Jack, younger 100
  John Lichten 50
1663 George Davidson of Pettens 300
1688 John Turner, Dantzic, burden on the lands of Tipperty 150
  Andrew Craighead, flesher, half of Stott's Hole 600
  Archibald Beans, litster, 400 pounds Scots, laid out on the other half of Stott's Hole 600
  Robert Cruickshank, house at back of the Town's Hospital  
  Elspet Donaldson, relict of James Milne 100
  James Davidson, merchant 100
  Agnes Grub, relict of James Watson 150
1691 Alexander Adam, MD, Anstruther  
1698 Dr Patrick Sibbald 300
  George Gladstaines, pewterer 300
  William Ord, wright 450
  James Christie, tailor, convener 100
  James Milne of Blairton 300
1700 Alexander Galloway, merchant 500
1704 James Leonard, weaver  
1711 James Douglas, mortification for Baker Trade 350
  Robert Gordon, merchant 50
  Robert Smith, tailor, convener 50
1716 James Purdie, skinner in Edinburgh 50
  Alexander Mitchell and Spouse 500
  George Massie and Spouse 100
  Robert Morgan 100
1720 Alexander Smith, shoemaker, convener 100
1724 Alex. Williamson, chaplain to the Viscount of Arbuthnot 50
1726 John Falconer, wigmaker 300
1734 David Jaffray 200
  Alex. Robertson, tailor 100
1736 James Milne, tailor 100
  Rev. John Moir, rector of West Tanfield, Yorkshire 1000
  Jean Mercer (Mrs Provost Mitchell) 1000
1737 Mrs Mitchell 100
1738 John Straton 75
1739 Margaret Duncan, school mistress 200
1742 John Leslie, weaver, convener 150
1745 Alexander Massie 225
1753 John Fraser, merchant 500
1754 Helen Gifford, relict of James Thom, tailor 360
1756 John Taylor, clerk to the Trades 500
1760 William Gerard of Stonehouse, Stirlingshire (150)  
1769 Mrs Norrie C Smith, relict of J Norrie, tailor (60)  
1781 Agnes Fowler, spouse of James Mackay, merchant (243)  
1790 John Nicol and his spouse, Helen Wilson (100)  
1803 Mrs John Cushnie, shipmaster (200)  
1823 Deacon William Bain, weaver (100)  


Rhynie Boys who have Distinguished Themselves in Various Fields
(extracted from the book A Waff o' Win' fae Benachie by Elsie S Rae, 1930)

Allardyce, Alexander 1863-1867 (Aberdeen); Editor Novelist, Historian
Allardyce, Rev James MA, 1834, DD, 1873 (Aberdeen); Parish Minister, Bowden
Allardyce, Rev Alexander MA, (Aberdeen); Parish Minister, Auchindoir
Anderson, Rev Alexander MA, 1882 (Aberdeen); Parish Minister, Daviot
Anderson, Rev Alfred MA, 1890, BD, 1893 (Aberdeen); Parish Minister, Craiglockart
Anderson, George W Major, Seaforth Highlanders, "Anderson Boy," Egyptian Army, Egypt
Anderson, George China Inland Mission
Anderson, Rev John A China Inland Mission
Angus, Dr Charles MB, 1887 (Aberdeen); Kingseat, Aberdeen
Bruce, Thomas, MA, 1895, BA (Aberdeen & Cantab); Clarendon Press, Oxford
Cook, Rev Daniel (Bradford & Edinburgh); Congregational Church, Norristhorpe, Yorkshire
Cran, Dr Alexander MA, 1824, LRCS (London) (Aberdeen); Tarland
Cran, Rev Alexander MA, (Aberdeen); Congregational Minister, Manchester
Cran, Alexander Anderson (Aberdeen); Merchant, Aberdeen
Cran, Lt-Col. Dr James OBE, VD, MB, 1895, MD, 1904 (Aberdeen); British Honduras
Cran, Dr James MA, 1864, MD, 1868 (Aberdeen & Edinburgh); Salford
Cran, Dr John MD, 1861 (Aberdeen); London
Cran, John FSA (Scot); Engineer and Shipbuilder, Leith
Cran, Rev William MA BD (Aberdeen and Edinburgh); Congregational Minister, Skene
Dickson, Dr Matthew MB, 1869, MD 1887 (Aberdeen); China Medical Mission and Liverpool
Donald, Robert LL.D, Editor "Daily Chronicle"; Owner, "Referee."
Duff, Dr John MB, 1897 (Aberdeen); Manchester
Duthie, Dr William Cran MB, 1893 (Aberdeen); Manchester
Gordon, Colin Banker, Canada
Gordon, Rev George MA, 1828 (Aberdeen); Parish Minister, Glenrinnes
Gordon, Hugh MA, 1833 (Aberdeen); Rancher, NSW, Australia
Gordon, John Tea Planter, Ceylon
Gray, Rev James MA, 1871 (Aberdeen); Free Church Minister, Fochabers
Gruer, Harold MA, 1908 (Aberdeen); Judge, Indian Civil Service
Henderson, Dr James MD, (Edinburgh); China Medical Mission
Howie, James Civil Engineer, America
Hutton, Dr Adam MB, 1907 (Aberdeen); Old Rayne
Mackay, Alexander (Edinburgh); Engineer and Missionary "Mackay of Uganda."
Mackay, Dr James P Lillie FCS, Professor of Geology and School of Mines, Sandhurst
Mair, Robert Civil Engineer, Cape Town Harbour, South Africa
McDonell, George KC, MA, (Aberdeen); Barrister, London
McDonell, Sir John KC, LLD, 1892, MA, 1865 (Aberdeen); a Master of the High Courts, London
McPherson, William MRCVS, (Edinburgh); Huntly
Mitchell, Dr Alexander MB, 1895 (Aberdeen); Manchester
Morrren, William Booth MA, 1881 (Aberdeen); Professor at Madras College, India
Morrison, David MRCVS, (Edinburgh); New Deer
Nicol, Dr Alexander MA, 1883, MD, 1891 (Aberdeen), Queensland, Australia
Nicol, Dr James Robert MA, 1878, MD, 1882 (Aberdeen); Australia
Nicol, Dr Patrick MA, 1866, MB, 1869, MD, 1871, (Aberdeen); London
Roger, Sir Alexander Banker and Financier, London
Roger, Alexander SSC, Solicitor, Edinburgh
Roger, George Civil Engineer, Aberdeen
Smith, Rev, George Compton MA, 1849, (Aberdeen); Congregational Church, Rhynie
Smith, Dr Peter MA, 1860, (Aberdeen); Australia
Smith, Rev Robert Harvey MA, 1852 (Aberdeen); Congregational Church, Carlisle
Stuart, Rev G A MA, (Aberdeen); Assistant Parish Minister, Huntly
Symon, James Merchant, Melbourne, Australia. (Gifted Clock Tower, Rhynie Parish Church)
Troup, Dr George MB, 1894, MD, 1902, (Aberdeen); London
Troup, Rev James MA, 1853, (Aberdeen); Congregational Church, Helensburgh
Troup, Rev Robert MA, 1847 (Aberdeen); Congregational Church, Huntly and St Andrews
Troup, William Alexander MA, 1917, (Aberdeen); Batavia, Java
Turnbull, P, Mortimer MRCVS, (Edinburgh); Farmer, Smithston, Rhynie
Turnbull, Dr P M MB, ChB, 1901 (Aberdeen); London
Wilson, Dr James MA, 1878, MB, 1887, (Aberdeen); London

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